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Friday, 1 June 2012

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Pakistan offers Sania Mirza wild card to give her legitimate entry into London Olympics

She will have to promise less hottier by wearing burqa and will have to play with Shoaib for mixed doubles
Finally, after watching Sania Mirza's wild battle with India for the legitimate right for the entry into London Olympics 2012, Pakistan offered her wild card with few riders.

Pakistan Sports Minister Mir Aijaz Hussain Khan Jakhrani said "We saw how a holy cow like Baby Sania Mirza, a girl of Allah is battling for her legal right with Hindustani government to play in Olympics while the government is showing disrespect by ignoring her. Pakistani hukumat always fought for humanity and showed respect to all people who were hated by other governments and allow them to freely land in Pakistan. We are still committed to our goal and offer Baby Sania a wild card for Jannat-e-sair for London Olympics."
However, Sports Minister told India Satire Correspondent "To the overall peace of Awam, I would say that Baby Sania can play for Pakistan in Olympics if she promises that she would be less hotty than now by wearing a burqa. We shall allow her to wear different colour burqas with a flexibility of showing her eyes. Hukumat also wants she should partner with her gul-e-gulbakawali Shohar Janaab Shoaib Malik, as other partners represent evils and do evil deeds."
Jakhrani said "Shoaib also has experience of spinning the tennis ball since his childhood and he also can throw by using his brain twice. So I think this much of his talent is sufficient for him to play tennis."
The news came as a big bomb for Indian politicians who earlier thought that Sania was still Indian despite her marriage with a Pakistani star cricketer Shoaib Malik.
"Oh really! Saniaji was getting a wild card from Pakistan. But why doesn't she really want to play badminton for India. And according to my records, India has already gave a card to Sania Nehwal," said Rajiv Shukla, India's Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs who recently came back after attending IPL matches.
While India Satire correspondent told him that its Saina Nehwal who plays Badminton while correspondent was asking about Sania Mirza who plays Tennis Rajiv Shukla said "Who is Saniaji Mirza? I have never heard about her from Diaji Mirza. And I really don't know a girl with a name Sania Mirza plays Table Tennis."
India Satire correspondent asked Ajay Maken for his comment; he said "No issues! We shall ask Vishwanathan Anand to play instead of Mr. Sania Mirza."
Sania Mirza was unavailable for comment while her husband Shoaib Malik said "Alongwith Sania I can also play against male double and female double tournament. We both together can also play against ladies and gents single. Insha-allah Sania would look hot in burqa."

(As suggested by Jhyap)

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