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Monday, 4 June 2012

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Rahul Gandhi lost his temper said he is more intelligent than average dumb Congress leader

Baba reacted to Subramanian Swamy's statement that he doesn't have caliber
After a long time, Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba), future prime minister of India lost his cool while representing a press conference in his 2-day Karnataka visit.

Rahul Baba said "WTF this Swamy thinks about me. How does he say I have no caliber? I am much more intelligent than any dumb Congress man in India."
According to data, 80% Congress men have surveyed as dumb. Surveyor asked them a simple question that which Gandhi's birthday was on October 2 while 20% answered Rahul Gandhi, 20% answered Rajiv Gandhi and 40% answered Madamji while rest skip the question showing their abnormal qualitative intelligence.
Baba said "I was not an ordinary Congress leader that's why I didn't give the answer to surveyor but I know it was Mahatma uncle's birthday which shows I have a better IQ level than any other Congress leader."
Baba also told reporter who asked the question regarding Swamy that till date nobody raised question regarding Karnataka's mining scam but he was the first to raise the question about Sadanand Gowda government.
When asked that many leaders have raised questions about Yeddyurappa's involvement in mining scam, he said "No it's not Yeddyji it was Gowda about whom I raised the issue."
Many correspondents asked him why he was not stayed in aam Kannadiga aadmi's house. He said "Actually, I was in a short meeting and next time definitely would try some bit of curd rice in aam-Kannadiga's home whose caste will be Other Brahmin caste (OBC)."

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