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Monday, 4 June 2012

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South Indian movie producers demand encryption to their movies, to restrict Bollywood directors from copying

Talking with various US firms on how to encrypt films
Watching the easy gains for bollywood producers who are copying the South Indian movies each n every day, producers of South Indian movies decided to ensure the encryption to their movies along with stricter copyright norms and royalty up to 50% of the total revenues.

The development came after another South India's cut-copy-paste (CCP) movie 'Rowdy Rathore' declared a blockbuster business. Rowdy Rathore was copied from Telugu action thriller Vikramarkudu.
"This is really annoying. As we regional film makers make peanuts, these Bollywood film producers make huge money still giving zero to the entire film in terms of creativity. Appa! Its irritating why I couldn't make 40Cr rupees in just 3 days. Appa! I want royalty for copying my film," said M. L. Kumar Chowdary, prodcer of the movie.
Film's director S.S. Rajamouli said "This Prabhu Deva doesn't know besides the dance direction. Now he fits entire copied movie in between his dance innovation. Now at least he could have taken some real Bollywood actress for his dance steps instead of some heavy South Indian actress, which looks like another hero."
Rajamouli confirmed that when he saw the movie, he got confused who was the real actress.
Sources said that many of the recent releases started from Prabhu Deva's Wanted, Ghajini, Dabangg, Singham, Force, Bodyguard and now Rowdy Rathore are copied from South based movies and they became big success. However, considering the business these movies generated, South Indian movies not achieved any major success in terms of money.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali who produced Rowdy Rathore said that he never copied his any of film till date.
"I have never copied any of my directed or produced film till date. Who is that idiot who told me that I copy from other movies? Yea its possible my idea was copied by few other old directors but they lacked innovation to just convert them into masterpieces," he said.
However, South India cinema is still not convinced and many producers are trying to reach some solution whether they can encrypt scripts or can do something by issuing copy right notices.
Many producers are fine with CCP of their films, if they would get good chunk of royalties.
"Royalties would be ranged from 15% to 50% depending upon the success of the original movie. We are also thinking of encryption of our movies as like it is in Adobe and Blackberry. We shall take help from US firms," said Chowdary.

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