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Monday, 14 May 2012

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Now dogs want people to give them respect; call female doggies instead of bitches


Strong dogs lobby demands government to ask people to get their act correct

All India organised and unorganised lobby of dogs asked the government to ban using word 'bitch' to female dog and give them due respect by calling female doggy.

The development came after the president of Organised and Unorganised Doggy Association of India (OUDAI), Tiger unadvertently watched porn site depicting some other meaning of bitch.

Tiger said "Bhaw bhaw bhaw bhaw... I was shocked when I saw a woman was called bitch who was sitting in a weird position. Bitch is a respectable name for the female doggy while men use it in respect of some other nasty content. We are very much shocked and sad that human beings are taking undue advantage of our respect for them bhoo bhoo bhoo bhoo..."

While Tommy Llynx, a member of OUDAI said "Uhhhuuuuu uuuuuu.... While Tiger proposed a resolution to ask government to give a notice banning the word bitch using for female dogs. We also proposed a resolution to change name bitch to Female Doggy. We want to do all these in a peaceful manner."

However, few notorious dogs, particularly street-side dogs were not really in favor of peaceful way of protest and they believe that they would get rightful thing by using muscular use.

A street side dog, Shera said "It's not just female dogs but we also got tremendous pain when people torture us saying kutte, kamine and many things. All these humiliation and abusive words will come to end when we all together will protest in a really junglee doggy manner. Whaawww whaawwwwww..."

However, few Indian intellectuals like Yogendra Yadav who recently resigned from NCERT's position over cartoon row, said that the activity of dogs is totally against the freedom of speech for human beings.

He said "While we are deprived from drawing cartoons, now if we the government accepts doggy union's demand that we can't say kutte kamine and bitch then it would be sheer hammer on our freedom of speech. I am totally against the non-populist stand of doggy lobby."

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