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Thursday, 31 May 2012

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Breaking News: Mistakenly, Rahul Gandhi found protesting against petrol price hike

Confused with identity, Rahul Baba joined anti-government protest rally
India Satire correspondent captured Rahul Gandhi in a rally against petrol price hike, created a serious ruckus in the political arena stirring entire politics.

While covering the exclusive coverage on opposition's protests against fuel price hike India Satire correspondent reached Hisar, Haryana where he unexpectedly found Rahul Gandhi, India's future Prime Minister protesting against one-sided hike of petrol prices.
"Yes, Rahul Baba came in the morning when we gathered to rally against petrol price hike. He told us that we were aam aadmis and he had to support us against the government's sucking policies," said Kisan Chand Khurana, a farmer in the Hisar village.
When India Satire correspondent asked Rahul Gandhi on his reaction and sudden enlightnment about the protest over the petrol price hike, he said "Actually, yesterday I read an article that all aam aadmis were planning a protests and chakka jam. I thought I should support them. After I finished my Bournvita, I asked Mummy should I go for an event of aam aadmi, she told me yea I should go. Therefore I came here."
However, the development couldn't go properly to Congress Head quarters which hurried up the developments and sent Chacha Digvijay Singh to collect Rahul Baba from the village.
After a long conversation with Rahul Baba, Diggy Chacha convinced him that this was an anti-government and anti-aam aadmi with communal touch protest conducted by opposition party so he should left.
When India Satire correspondent reached Diggy Chacha to know his views, he said "No Rahul baba is not idiot, he came here out of goodwill gesture to support aam aadmis."
Between Rahul Baba promised all the protesters that he will urge the government to consider Fuel Security Bill next year in line with Food Security Bill.

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