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Thursday, 31 May 2012

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Over excited Shahrukh Khan is under observation of his brain cells, after observing for half an hour released

News in Brief - Bollywood
No needs to worry, it happens in the cases like these - Doctors
After successfully completed 5 year plan to win IPL, Kolkata Knight Rider's (KKR) owner Shahrukh Khan (SRK) has admitted to a mental asylum for a treatment of his brain cells, as doctors feared that a way beyond expected change in brain cells.

"Actually, SRK was over excited of the victory in the final of IPL loosening his grip over tounge and brain and therefore he had to undergo through Continuous Talkative Disease (CTD) which can be handled only by Psychologists," said famous Psychiatrist Arun Sharma from Mumbai.
The syndrome was first identified by SRK's personal doctor Shaikh Janabullah Hasan, when SRK was continuously talking in front of media and giving unrelated statements depicting him that he might be wanted to go for elections in 2014.
Hasan said "I couldn't understand what SRK was exactly up to. First after win instead of talking about he was saying about apologies on the incident in Mumbai. Then he was shockingly dancing with his rival Akshay Kumar, in Bengal with Mamata didi. He was saying something that he was not badshah of cricket, though nobody had really asked him. I also saw him supporting West Bengal government for felicitating ceremony of KKR. Then again he said monkey was off the back. Unexpectedly, he kept mum on the nationwide popular event of nude Poonam Pandey and finally he said that he has realised that he could also fail. I can't really relate any of his statement and really creates confusion. Therefore, I decided to take him to Psychiatrist Dr Arun Sharma, who took him for half an hour in his diagnosis room and revealed that he is undergoing through CTD."
Dr. Arun Sharma said "Yes actually this kind of disease is possible in a normal human being. But first time it was found in an extraordinarily abnormal person who represents many facets of life. I believe SRK will be fine in few days."
While India Satire correspondent could not reach to SRK for his direct remark, sources said that the actor is taking a bit rest and his wife Gauri, slapped a sticky tape on his mouth.
"Yes actually, Gauri bhabhi had to do that as SRK was continuously muttering something like I apologies Shirish Kunder for watching his Tees Maar Khan, I apologies Salman for thinking about his body, I apologies K-Jo for telling lie that he was the only one man in my life, I apologies CSK for defeating, and so on. Finally, bhabhi decided to shut his mouth," said Sajid Khan, a family friend and director of Housefull series. 
It is still to confirm that any other KKR sportsman is going through this disease.
(As suggested by Shash2k2)

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