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Saturday, 25 June 2011

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Diggy Chacha says India needs young PM

Indirectly confirming the willingness of Rahul Baba to handle the nation, Diggy Chacha said in a TV Interview that India needs young PM. He also said that Congress always promoted young blood and gave his own example. DFC Research made a very comprehensive search for this topic and tried to confirm Diggy Chacha’s statement. DFC Research found out truth in his statement as besides him there are two more young persons who were been promoted to top most posts viz., Indira Gandhi age 48 years and Rajiv Gandhi age 40 years (forget that both are from Gandhi Parivar, here relevance is more towards young blood). See table below

If we don’t include these two PMs then India’s average age of beginning of PM is 67 years while if we include them then it is 64 years, which proves Diggy Chacha’s statement (don’t be hypocrite and find out truth from Chacha’s words).

However, he told that right now there was no vacancy and also appreciated the Mr. Manmohan Singh as a fairly good PM (smelling something Diggy Chacha, but we understood). However, Chacha DFC would like to understand what is expensive these days in Delhi Darbaar. Is it tea or table?

Chacha, by the way, asserted on the ability of Rahul Baba’s ability to hand the PM’s post whenever it is free (depends on the mood of Madam). He said "I will say that he has the capacity and the capability and the political instincts to become a good PM."

Important Note
Diggy Chacha may not deny/disagree/disown statement made as it brings Soniaji, Manmohanji, Rahul Babaji and Congressji all in positive light.

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