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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

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Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook revealed that he didn't want to spend his pocket money on buying Opera

Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook profile; Facebook users protests, asking for dislike button on the wall
Finally, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that he was not really interested to buy Opera and few more other crap companies out of his own pocket money and therefore he raised it through IPO.

He posted on his Facebook wall "I actually want to reveal that I was not really interested in acquiring junk and crap companies like Opera out of my own pocket money as my Pappa and spouse were very much rational human beings and they told me use other's pockets for these kind of decisions. Therefore I thought raising money through IPO. Sorry for making this announcement just a bit earlier, even before Facebook price touching its real value of zero dollar."
The announcement came after the trading session in the US markets and therefore real impact of the announcement couldn't be judged.
However, the announcement couldn't go well with the finance executives in the US. While most of them were taking good night sleep, few tweeted immediately.
"Facebook sucks, Zuckerberg sucks," tweeted Warren Buffet "God! if I could have sticked to my rule not to invest in IT stocks, the business I never understood."
Earlier, before the announcement the investors broke down the Facebook's wall of 30 and took it to $28 levels, as the company started using IPO money lavishly by planning to buy Opera browsers with no real revenues. Many believe that the stock will now touch $20 immediately and a week target is $0.1 per share, a real value of money spent on building the website.
Richard Toblett, a real equity analyst with sensible command over valuation said "While his own company is not earning a pie he is going after a company that never generated real revenues and sell free products. Next month he will announce f-Phone to compete with i-Phone. Who knows what?"
Few humanitarian organisations, however, lauded Zuckerberg's announcement.
Peter Packer, President of US Humane and Dogs Association (USHDA) said "Zuckerberg showed immense social responsibility by posting it on his Facebook wall before the share price touched to its actual value of zero dollars."
The post was viewed by millions of Facebook user but very few clicked on the like link. Sources said that the investors who made a short sell in the stocks only clicked on the Like button while others agitated and demanded a new dislike button on Facebook.

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