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Saturday, 19 May 2012

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Facebook stories after its blockbuster debut on the US bourses


Facebook's debut on bourses was almost a non-event - Market Sources

Facebook's IPO failed to make a mark on the US stock exchanges which led to generate many stories. Following are few of them.

·         Facebook offers free stock trading in its shares to attract US investors and at least increase a bit of share price
·         Facebook to offer free shares to people who liked Mark Zuckerberg's fan page
·         Prices for toilet papers are expected to increase substantially in USA, as Mark Zuckerberg found in toilet post failure of Facebook debut. Toilet papers will be used to clean tears from eyes and what not!
·         Main reason why Facebook could not attract buyers to lift it price was the social status dilemma. Many investors thought that the price of Facebook was so cheap that it would have affected their social status in America.
·         Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo with crying pose post Facebook debut, attracted more than 3mn likes in 1 hour.
·         Google, which was planning to buy Facebook post its listing postponed the plans, as not even a beggar showed any interest in its shares.

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