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Saturday, 19 May 2012

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BCCI plans to give reality show status to IPL in a move to attract many emotional viewers to increase TRPs


Reality show producers hesitant and seeks ban on this move

After a much of mockery, crockery and talkery, BCCI finally decided that it will launch IPL-5 season as a reality show to attract many emotional eyeballs which are stick to the idiotic reality shows.

"Yes that's true! Wee aar dishkushing thish with Sharad Saar and Madam Haambika Shoni to give ush reality show shtatus," said BCCI president N Srinivasan. He said that such a move will attract more eyeballs in the upcoming IPL 6 season next year.

The development came after TAM released a data showing viewership of IPL 5 drastically despite a lot of emotional drama. TAM Sports, an audience measurement company that tracks TV viewership, the average TRP of the fourth season of the IPL is only 3.76. Last year, the IPL had managed to garner many more eyeballs on TV and the TRPs had shot up to 4.63.

BCCI Secretary Sanjay Jagdale said "Whatever Mr. Srinivasan is saying is right. Every member of BCCI is agreed 
on this proposal. Our move will attract many emotional nuts who are very much fanatic and obsessive towards useless reality shows."

Sanjay Jagdale said that he was the one whose brain got such an idea.
"Actually while watching SRK's video on TV screen, my friend shouted that 'kya faltuki nautanki hai yaar' and suddenly it struck to may developed brain. I called Srini sir and he immediately forwarded the proposal to members and everybody agreed on that," said Jagdale.

He said "IPL provides more food for emotions than any ordinary reality show. We assure you that high quality of emotional drama in our show. First Bhajji's fight with umpire, then match fixing, SRK's fight with security guards and finally RCB's Luke Pomersbach molestation case, all have huge entertainment and sentimental value and therefore we decided to get the licence to operate as reality show with 'U' certificate."

However, other reality show producers were hesitant to allow IPL in reality shows area.

Producers of Amul Chhote Ustaad – Do Deshon Ki Awaaz said "This is total encroachment of our interesting and highly bombastic emotions. We shall complain Ambika aunty against BCCI's move. Our reality show lobby, Emotional Nuts Audience and Reality Show Association (ENARSA) will complain accordingly with the BCCI's move."

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