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Friday, 18 May 2012

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Shahrukh Khan to watch IPL matches from the air using G-One's dress


MCA's ban hardly impacts my thirst to watch IPL matches from Wankhede - Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, popularly known as SRK released an official statement after MCA banned him for 5 years ban from entering Wankhede Stadium.

Mocking MCA's ban SRK's official statement "Shahrukh will use his G-one suit to watch all the IPL matches going forward from the air, keeping a distance of 1000 feet above the ground so that he will not face heat of flood lights."

The statement thrashed the claims of MCA officials that they can open or close Shahrukh's entry or exit from 
Wankhede stadium.

"It's damn funny," said Shahrukh's friend and patch maker Sajid Khan "He he he... MCA officials forgot Ra-one as like India's audience. Though, film flopped across the theatres, Shahrukh kept his suit with himself to give it to his son when Aditya Chopra's son will make the remake of Ra-One. However, in the situation like this, he will definitely use it."

Sajid Khan informed India Satire correspondent that all the key members of SRK's family which include Farah Khan, Shirish Kunder, Gauri Khan, Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra discussed the issue for long 5-6 hours in the last night.

"Actually, Gauri Bhabhi was a bit concern when Piggy Chopps sent a message to SRK that don't worry if he is not getting entry in the Wankhede Stadium, her doors are always open. It took huge efforts from King Khan to convince Bhabhi that he is not in touch with her these days," said Sajid Khan.

Finally, after the long meeting to prove his love for his wife, SRK decided to use the G-one coat against his earlier commitment.

However, doctors are concern over SRK's decision that he will watch matches using G-one's coat.

Dr. Sahastrabuddhe, hand specialist said "Actually, just few day's back SRK's hands recovered from bending issues. His joints between the bones of hand were automatically bent while working the movie. They were so stiff that making them straight took a huge time. Now again he is going to wear that suit and again will give the same pose bending his hands will create a serious issues."

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