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Sunday, 1 April 2012

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Director Sajid Khan confirms that Housefull 2 does not carry more comedy scenes than shown in its promos

Stunning revelation from a sting operation carried by India Satire
In a stunning revelation from a sting operation carried by India Satire, director of two mind blasting movies Hey Baby and Houseful, Sajid Khan confirmed that whatever comedy sequences shown in the promos are all the funny and comedy scenes and there is nothing more in the movie.

Known for making loud and irritatingly funny movies, which also don't help smiling people, Sajid Khan was confident that this time also he would April fool people by showing a dose of laugh and fun in the promos but while watching the movie it would be irritating to the hell.

Sajid said to DCFC reporter who became Tamil producer and offered him a remake of Housefull "Ha ha ha... That's the actual fun. Showing people that the movie will be comedy and by end of the day it would be something an idiotic theme is really a hard work and I achieved a niche in that area. I showed all the funny scenes actually in the promotions of the movie and there is no more comedy sequence left to show. Ha ha ha."

However, Sajid thrashed the claims he hardly able to make people laugh, he said "It is not really difficult to make people laugh. I am planning to introduce a laughing gas behind the background scenes in Housefull 2 as like it runs in serials to guide people when to laugh."

Making sure that audience will laugh this time
A source close to Sajid Khan and the crew told that Sajid Khan is planning to put a disclaimer before start of the movie Housefull 2 that only people who are intelligent will laugh and idiots will keep their mouths paused. The source also added that Sajid Khan will also emboss his own photo on every screen so that people can laugh a loud.

Sajid's desperation is not really unexpected as a survey conducted by private research organisation Bullying the Baby Research (BTBR) suggested that out of 100 people watched Hey Baby only 2 people laughed who next day declared mentally sick by doctors. Housefull 1 could not gather 100 people on the spot but survey shows that people who saw the movie were laughing to see the poor efforts of Sajid Khan to make people laugh.

My Avatar can make people laugh
However, bullshitting all these claims, Sajid Khan said "No, all these claims are wrong. I proved earlier that people were laughing at the time of watching my movie. In the first screening of Hey Baby and Houseful 1, all the prominent film personalities told me that the movies were hilarious. This time I plan to call Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and will prove that if he can laugh watching my movie anybody can laugh."

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