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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

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Pakistan agrees to hand over Hafiz Saeed but in return demanded Chacha Digvijay Singh


India disagreed as Madam Soniaji and Rahul Baba opposed it

In a major turn to the event that US announced Hafiz Saeed in its wanted list, Pakistan agreed that it will handover him to India for safety issues. However, due to a weird demand of asking Chacha Digvijay Singh in return, created serious trouble in the negotiations and
India blatantly rejected Pakistan's demand.

"We asked India to take Hafiz Saeed, as we are really concerned about his security. We worry that US military can anytime cause for his death. A bloody one shot would take him to Jannat-e-Jahannum worries us. However, as usual non-humanitarian India refused to our demand and told us to keep Hafiz Saeed with us," said Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, addressing to a press conference.

He said "Allah wants Hafiz's life to be peaceful and stable. It is only one place where he can live securely and safely, thats why he himself told us to send him to India. Even Ashfaq Kayani was very much agreed to his demand. We just asked India that in return it can send us their most honorable and dil-e-darbaar Mulla Digvijay Singhji (Diggy Chacha), which refused blatantly saying Madam Soniaji and Rahul Baba needs him for security purpose. We are eager to take Diggyji to our home for his contributions towards peace. He was the only who recognized that Osamaji was saint."

Media was stunned hearing Gillani who was very emotional for rejecting his demand. Many Pakistani news papers covered articles on the story.

Its most followed English Newspaper gave a headline that Pakistan can give Kashmir if India sends Digvijayji to Pakistan.

Another newspaper Jung criticised India's against humanitarian behavior and said that India is not interested in promoting peace. While they sent us a list of terrorists we also sent them a list of special persons to dispatch to Pakistan territory which they are refusing since long time.

Pakistan six months back gave India a list of privilege persons in return of terrorists and Kashmir. These people are Shahrukh Khan, Dilip Kumar, Digvijay Singh, Manishankar Aiyer and Mahesh Bhatt. However, time to time India rejected the demand. Recently, the list added India's James Bond - Agent Vinod, Saif Ali Khan.

In India reactions were mixed, while Sonia Gandhi issued a statement saying "Diggyji is a real asset to India. We feel secured and take a good sleep in the night when he secures our house seating outside the gate. How can we compromise on our safety?"

Prime Minister's Office mistakenly gave a statement that instead of Pakistan Diggy should be sent to Somalia or better to Mars. But after recognizing the fatal error it turned back its statement and said "We can't compromise on our national integrity. Any person in India has all the rights to stay here so whether it would be Kasab, Afzal Guru or harmless Diggyji."

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