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Thursday, 5 April 2012

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Sajid Khan to expand cast in Housefull 3 to 100 and 1000 in 4


Normal movie watchers complain about noise pollution

Finally, Sajid Khan revealed his plans for upcoming Housefull 3. He proposes to expand the cast in a multiple of 10 to give big size entertainment for normal and abnormal human beings.

"Yea that's correct! More people more fun and my target is to reach to half the old age buddies and half the young age buddies in the movie industry," Sajid humbly answered media questions.

He said in his next flick he will rope in 24 couples and 52 fathers.

"Providing additional fathers would be a great kind of entertaining idea. A sleek and soft entertainment," said Sajid Khan. The number will grow ten times in Housefull 4 and in Housefull 5 he expects Akshay Kumar to work in a father's role.

However, the Association of Caring Rights of Normal People (ACRNP) was not happy with Sajid's ideas.
"What the fu*k? Why don't government put him into jail for boring people and creating noise pollution bombarding highly loud entertainment content? I have never laughed in his Hey Baby and Housefull which had a bit of limited characters and the noise of 200 decibels created havoc in my ears and now if he wants to raise it by 10 times in every flick what will be condition of my ears. Saala iski movie hoti hai yaa Maruti ki punch badhti hi jaati hai," said Jankidas Sharma, a normal human being represents ACRNP. Sharma also filed a litigation against him in support of public rights.

Sources said that Sajid is planning to increase characters in Housefull flicks in proportion of his growing silky hair.
Sajid denied the rumours. He said "My silky hair is a symbol of intelligence and maturity. A person's hair cross limits when he is busy in working or is growing in terms of maturity. So hair is not the real source of inspiration for characters multiplisation. I want fun and more fun and tremendous fun which I can see in the movie when there are multiple characters."

Talking exclusively to DCFC reporter, he said "Don't disclose it in your crappy website but I am planning to take 125 people in Housefull 2. However, 25 will be shown as names as script doesn't provide adequate time to show us them in the movie."

A survey conducted by Independent Bollywood Research Agency showed that a normal movie for normal people provides adequate time and space to every character in the movie.

"We estimate Sajid's Housefull 4 will provide 18 seconds for each character, which in our view would be somewhat inadequate time," said Sanchit Vaswani, survey conductor.
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