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Saturday, 31 March 2012

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Rahul Gandhi to perform as Agent Vinod Part 2 to investigate RSS and BJP’s links with Islamic terror


Inspired by Saif Ali Khan, Chacha Digvijay suggested a new Congress Party revamp measure

Inspired by Saif Ali Khan's movie Agent Vinod which projects ISI as a humanitarian organization and Lashkar-e-Taiba as scapegoat made by Indian Corporate and puts nuclear bomb in New Delhi to earn some bucks by short-selling in the equity markets. While Indian audience didn't take this bullshit seriously, our favorite Chacha Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) took the cue and announced 'Agent Rahul' a sequel to Agent Vinod, introducing Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba) as Agent Rahul.

"Yes that's correct. Indians are facing serious threats saffron terror which uses Islamic humanitarian organizations such as Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith scapegoats to fulfill their dreams of dividing India. Therefore, I talked with Madamji to introduce Baba as an Agent Vinod in its next sequel, as Saif Ali Khan already refused to produce the movie sequel. We are in talks with Illuminati Films for taking all the rights for the sequel," said Diggy Chacha to Diggy Chacha Fan Club correspondent.

Rahul Baba was unavailable for his comments, as he was having food in aam-admi's house. Therefore, Diggy Chacha only answered all the questions of DCFC correspondent.

He said "We are not changing the director of the film and Sriram Raghavan will continue. We also asked Raghavan to add more spices to the film and make it hot for Indian girls, women and aam-admi, dalits, etc."
Sriram Raghavan told DCFC correspondent that he plans to launch Poonam Pandey as a lead actress opposite Rahul Baba which will make movie must watch.

First look of Agent Rahul

"Nobody else will be a better option than Poonam Pandey. She is hardcore hotty and doesn't plead for showing some bulgy exercise. On one side, buttery face Rahul Baba coping with terrorists, Poonam Pandey will make other side softer as well. For looks, I requested Rahul Baba to undergo training of Shahid Kapoor for only 2 face expressions of cool looks and arrogant face," said Raghavan.

He said "Actually, I wasn't interested in movie's sequel as there was no creative option in my mind after Indian businessman showed as a real culprit for terrorist attack. But Diggyji inspired me and asked me to work on this idea."

Diggy Chacha said "Plot for the movie will be, Rahul Baba will be an agent for NIA (National Investigating Agency). He will investigate terror links of BJP leaders such as Ishwardas Rohani. Finally the movie will reach to the conclusion that terror organizations such as SIMI and Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith are not actually behind the bomb blasts while RSS and BJP uses them."

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