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Thursday, 26 April 2012

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Breaking News: Pakistan complained that appropriateness of the success from Shaheen 1A is doubtful because Sachin Tendulkar's six hit the missile and damaged it


A ball hit by Tendulkar in the nets damaged Shaheen 1A in the air

Pakistan filed a special complaint with Indian government, asking it to handover Sachin Tendulkar for creating problems in the launch of Shaheen 1A.

General Athar Abbas, Pakistan military spokesman said "Sachin Tendulkar is totally irresponsible batsman and don't know in which direction to hit the shot. His ball just damaged our Shaheen 1A when it was 1000kms above the ground. Now we can't understand the rate of success we got from this launch. The appropriateness of the launch is doubtful"
After effects when India's missile crashed Shaheed 1A

He said "We formally made a complaint with India's home ministry asking him to handover to us. We shall sue him in the Pakistani court for disturbing our internal security matters."

Sachin Tendulkar, who was practicing in the nets for Mumbai Indians hit a ball on Harbhajan Singh's bowling that went to hit straight a way Shaheen 1A missile which Pakistan launched yesterday.

Harbhajan Singh said "Sachin paaji was playing after a long time after his finger injury and therefore he could not hit hard. Otherwise Shaheen missile would not have touched to the ball. We actually thought to claim the ball damage expenses from Pakistan. But this what idiotic claims we are hearing from Pakistan. Ultaa chor kotwaal ko daate."

When asked Sachin Tendulkar, he confirmed and said "Nobody can tell me how responsibly I should hit. Still I played the shot with a soft hand. Now how would I knew Pakistan launched a Diwali Rocket kind of thing."
India's Home Minister P Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) said "I don't have time to listen to such senseless complaints. Go to Krishna."

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