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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

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Real reason behind Saif Ali Khan's punch on the nose of Iqbal Sharma

Agent Vinod with Agency
The actor told that it was just a demo of the Agent Vinod's punch

Celebrating the completion of his first action movie and compilation of publicity for that action movie, Saif Ali Khan (Saif) started a formal promotional campaign by hitting hard on the nose of Iqbal Sharma.

The actor confirmed that it was a formal launch of the promotional campaign of his upcoming movie 'Agent Vinod' and under his friend and girlfriend's request he showed a demo of that movie.

"Yea that's true. First time I am trying to show my action skills in Agent Vinod. This was a fight to all those who think that I am K-Jo's boyfriend. I can fight and my hand is more than 3 Kg," said hero of Agent Vinod, Saif Ali Khan.

He said "That was perfect punch, a perfect demo of my Agent Vinod's action stunt."

According to a source, who was present there at the time when the event passed said "The actor was surrounded by his friends and girlfriend Kareena. Everybody was talking about his inability to fight only in the films and not outside the film. And the victim of that unfortunate time was Iqbal Sharma."

Kareena, however, stayed away from the incidence. She said "I always insisted Saif not to become violent. I myself was capable to hit that Iqbal Sharma but I kept calm. You can see the recent development in my biceps after Ra-One. However, he couldn't."

Kareena was the major inspiration for Saif in making Agent Vinod. Saif agreed. He said "Kareena gave me all the minuscule detailing of Shahid Kapoor's face expressions which I used in Agent Vinod. How to maintain straight face for 3 hours? How to give plastic smile? How to keep as much as arrogant face? Kareena really helped me in becoming Agent Vinod."

According to sources, Shahid Kapoor was claimed to make a case against Saif Ali Khan for copying his face expressions for Agent Vinod which Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) will cover later in detail.

Coming back to Iqbal Sharma saga, Inspector Ashish Vidyarthi of Colaba told DCFC reporter "We Police become scapegoat of all these film promotional campaigns etc. However, it is yet to know whether Iqbal Sharma was anyway related to movie Agent Vinod and we are searching for him."

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