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Thursday, 23 February 2012

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Shahid Kapoor shocked after watching Saif copying his expressions in Agent Vinod

Plans to sue Saif Ali Khan and Kareena under copyright infringement

India's hottest one-expression-same-expression actor Shahid Kapoor got surprised after watching Saif Ali Khan in Agent Vinod's promos.

"It was a serious damage to code of ethics under which no actor should copy the face expressions of other actor while Saif Ali Khan clearly copied my expressions," said nervous Shahid Kapoor.
Sources revealed that Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan's would be spouse took rigorous lectures of Saif on keeping mouth straight for hours in the movies.

"Shahid Kapoor's cool but arrogant and clearly indicating of fuck you bas*ard expressions were famous in his fans, particularly girls. Many other no-talent actors tried to copy him," said Taran Adarsh, expert in Indian movies.

He said "One of the recent examples was Arish Bhiwandiwala who performed Hrithik Roshan's childhood role. He copied Shahid Kapoor in every frame which even Hrithik couldn't. That kid really showed that he matches directly to Shahid Kapoor. He perfectly gave Shahid Kapoor like arrogant expressions to show angry-young-boy."

However, Taran Adarsh kept mum when Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) film correspondent asked him whether it was better to chose Shahid Kapoor instead of Arish Bhiwandiwala for the childhood role of Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath. He said that it would be sensitive matter and he can't comment.

Karan Johar a famous film director said "That's not really a harmful idea to copy expressions of another actor till the face become similar to the other one. Still I give 100 marks to Shahid's expressions of tambu mein bamboo (bamboo in a**hole). They are mind blowing."

Another famous expression that Shahid Kapoor carries in his movies is his plastic (popularly known as mischievous among his fans) grin.

"He is comparable straight to Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai in terms of plastic smile," said Taran Adarsh who is also a popular admirer of his films.

However, Taran Adarsh denied that Kareena Kapoor enough graduated Saif Ali Khan to match Shahid Kapoor's 'fuck you' expressions and took enough efforts to give natural 'plastic smile'.

However, raged Shahid Kapoor plans to sue Saif Ali Khan under the copyright infringement case. His advocate Rajat Sharma (no not that Aap Ki Adalat fame) said "Even face expressions also come under copyright Act and we are doing all the homework before filing case against Saif Ali Khan."

While Kareena Kapoor was unavailable for reply, Saif Ali Khan said that he wasn't aware of such allegations. He said "My movie is going to hit the rock and everybody wants the pie in the success. Shahid would be one of those."

He said "In terms of Agent Vinod, I took inspiration from Daniel Craig (James Bond Hero) whose face resembled with me and there is no chance I would copy some small level Bollywood actor."

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