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Thursday, 18 October 2012

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Nitin Gadkari revealed with his wet eyes that Arvind Kejriwal is actually doing what he was told to improve Gadkari’s image


He also confirmed that Kejriwal's party is actually BJP's Party B

Confirming that the allegations made by Congress Party leaders are true, BJP President Nitin Gadkari revealed that what Arvind Kejriwal's upcoming party is the party 'B' of BJP and Kejriwal is actually trying to improve his image by making many allegations.

"Yes, this time whatever Digvijay Singh said was correct. First time that guy made sensible allegation," said Nitin Gadkari.

He said "Arvind Kejriwal's party is actually party B of BJP and is actually improving my image by alleging on the corruption front."

Arvind Kejriwal yesterday put charges on Nitin Gadkari, that Gadkari has five power and three sugar industries in Maharashtra and that he has built a huge business empire within a short period and it includes more than 15 companies in sectors like construction, sugar, power, coal, agro and others.

Gadkari said with wet eyes "Whatever Kejriwal, my brother told you was correct, but because of prolonged recession, the value of my assets remained unchanged over the last four years. And that what I wanted to prove I am still poor and hungry, a deprived animal which nobody really used to believe. But because of my brother Kejriwal now everybody will start trusting me."

Gadkari was a bit emotional and few drops of tears were flowing on his cheeks.

He said "Now as Kejriwal put different allegations on me I got a chance to make statements that take my blood but don't make such kind of hineous charges on me. I can also say that kill me or put a dagger in my shoulder but don't say I am corrupt. I will get chance to cry, weep loud in front of you and to tell you guys to kick on my ass one by one as my life was open book and nothing hidden. I have never indulged in corruption, etc. etc. I will get chance to show my bulgy emotional side and ask you to vote poor and deprived guy like me."

However, Congress came across strongly against Kejriwal and Gadkari nexus when Gadkari revealed the real point in making Kejriwal as the head of its Team B.

"Looking at Gadkari's acting we started believing that Congress Party is BJP's 'C' Party," said Digvijay Singh.

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