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Monday, 6 February 2012

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God requests Sibal Uncle for premature exit from the earth to judge cases of corruption

God's love to beta Sibal
Poll results: 98% Congressmen said take Sibal away as soon as possible

Impressed by Kapil Sibal's (Sibal Uncle) emotional speech and his nomination in 2G case, God impressed so much that he requested Sibal Uncle for early exit from the earth to join him heaven for judging many pending corruption cases.

"I am so much overwhelmed by beta Kapil's speech that I thought him to make an early exit from the earth and join me in the heaven to resolve all the pending corruption cases which could not be solved on the earth," said God in an interview to Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) reporter.

The development came after Sibal Uncle asked 
Subramanian Swamy to move to God for the justice against P Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle). Sibal Uncle said "The truth can never be hidden. The fact is Chidambaram, who is a valued colleague, we knew all along that he was not responsible in any way either directly or indirectly and that these allegations were being made for political motives. He (Swamy) can appeal in the high court, in the Supreme Court and then in the end, he can appeal to god.

God said "Already, Indian courts are flooded with corruption cases since India's independence and nothing gets resolved in the life of victim or culprit. Son Kapil knows that these cases come to me and I try to solve them. However, now my tiredness makes me search a good candidate for the position of judging these cases."

Angelic Sibal
God was emotional while talking about past-life of Sibal Uncle. He said "Sibal beta was angel (yaksha and gandharvas) in last birth and used to dance and sing in front of me. However, just because of his over talking nature I sent him to the earth to punish human beings for their deeds than irritating me. But now I feel that I have punished human beings a lot. Recently, I studied his working paper, an approach towards 2G case wherein he debunked the claims of Rs1.76 lakh crore loss to government by saying that 'maya is mithya' and therefore Rs1.76 lakh crore is zero only. I like this approach and it would help me resolving all the cases at one go."

God further said "Yesterday night I went to him and asked whether he would come to heaven to send victims to hell and culprits to heaven, he humbly refused the offer and said that he has not fully completed his work and human beings are yet to get fully punished by his bul**hitting. He said that he can't make early exit for the welfare of human beings."

When DCFC reporter asked Sibal Uncle about his meeting with God, he confirmed that.

"However, I didn't want to take any credit that I know God and therefore please don't publish in your blog," said Sibal Uncle.

He humbly said that right now he is here to punish bad human beings like netizens, Subramanian Swamy, Anna Hazare while good people will be blessed under him which include Appu Raja, Chiddu, etc. However, his work is yet to finish.

"I don't like to make idiotic statements as few small leaders like Diggy, Mani and Manish makes, they don't deserve to be rated. That is bizarre punishment while my talks are much superior," said Sibal Uncle who is credited for his contribution to telecom sector by Zero Loss Theory and Interenet by Online Censorship.

He said that he would be here for another 100 years and will complete tasks like clean up internet, clean up brains and clean up many things which are under censored names.

"It is difficult task and support I am getting is stupendous. Few people like Vinay Rai have joined my movement and I am waiting for few more," said Sibal Uncle.

However, DCFC reporter tried to take view of few Congress leaders.

Most honest man, Diggy Chacha made honest but witty comments, he said "I would request God to take him as soon as possible. By copying me and converting in polished language does not make him the most intelligent creature as like me in the universe (Diggy Chacha doesn't consider himself as a human being, he is greater than that). But only thing I feel that God will increase the burden of the heaven."

DCFC conduct a poll of the 1425 Congress leaders, which showed astonishing results. out of 1425, 98% voters suggested God that he should hurry and take Sibal Uncle away as soon as possible while rest 2% said that they were victim of rape that Sibal Uncle made to them by his irritating words and can't think now-a-days but they are very hopeful that when Mulayam Singh Yadav comes to power they will get few government jobs.

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