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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

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Breaking News: IranAir to bail out Kingfisher Airlines

King of good times to stream line supply of liquor to Iran

Two kings which are facing sanctions for different sins have now joined their hands. IranAir, the national carrier of Iran plans to invest in Kingfisher Airlines, India's multi-colour aviation company.

"It was Almighty God's order to us to help janasheer, mausam-e-gulistan and gul-e-gulshan Kingfisher to revive itself," said Farhad Parvaresh, CEO of IranAir.

Kingfisher Head, Vijay Mallya also confirmed the development. He said "Yea that's correct. I am thankful of IranAir for providing us cheap fuel in exchange with our cheep bear and wine. I would take analyst and investor-meet for the announcement and a detailed 125-slide presentation."

Siddharth Mallya who was in a serious mental trauma and avoiding high-class parties on account of Kingfisher Airlines failure as like few actors, Zaid and Fardeen Khan for not to become the talk of mockery was very happy with the development.

He said “I asked Papa to give me the chance for giving presentation.”

Market Experts also appreciated steps from both the parties.

"This is a win-win situation for both the parties. While developed world every-now and then threatens to visit Iran for search of atomic blasts, Income Tax Office of India put menaces on Kingfisher’s head to pay taxes. This partnership can be a major break-through for both in terms of survival," said Adil Zainulbhai, Country Head Mckinsey & Co.

After this development came to public, Iran put sanctions over few European countries for selling the crude oil.
“Iran Air will not send its Jets to these countries and whatever fuel will be saved will send to Kingfisher Airlines at a heavy discount rates,” said Farhad Parvaresh.

Both the companies joined hands on the conditions that IranAir will supply its unutilized oil on account of flight cancellations from developed world while Kingfisher will incessantly supply branded liquor. IranAir top management will also get an opportunity to travel from Kingfisher Air and will be allowed a deep interaction with super-hot Kingfisher Airhostesses. Kingfisher employees will get 4 Nights and 5 Days free holiday package every year in Iran.

"Subhaan-Allah, I recently travelled through Kingfisher flight and motherly feeling that I received from Kingfisher Airhostesses was mind-boggling. I really felt like I am at home," said Farhad Parvaresh.

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself enquired about the development and was very happy about it. He told that he is eager to interact with Kingfisher's hot crew and taste a range of Kingfisher wines and beers.

"IranAir's website sucks! I am searching for the news but the website is not at all showing it. Finally, I called 
Parvaresh and he confirmed and I am really happy. This way our relationship with India will improve," said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

India's political circle also welcomed the development. Chacha Digvijay (Diggy Chacha) said "We are very happy that our Indian private Corporate also showed its hands for the benefits of minorities. In the fifth phase of UP elections we shall share this information to Uttar Pradesh voters."

Congress' Second in command after Diggy Chacha and Mullah Digvijay Singh Award winner from Pakistan, Manishankar Aiyer said "I would have loved to see if Kingfisher had joined the hands of Pakistan International Airlines which would have improved relations between India and Pakistan."

When DCFC reporter asked Rahul Baba for his views, he said "What is Kingfisher and Iran? Is Iran aam-aadmi? I would have to connect with Chacha and then I will give you answer.”

Vijay Mallya was also deeply gratified to Indian politicians which did not close Kingfisher Airlines and announced a special package for them.

“I am really thankful to Indian politicians for their support and cooperation. At this event, I am also announcing a special package for them of 3months holiday in Iran,” said Mallya.

According to sources, Deepika Padukone was trying to catch up with Siddharth Mallya, for initiating talks of patch up but he was unavailable.

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