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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

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Behind the Story: SRK, Shirish Kunder patch up

Shahrukh to reject Family Planning Commission's award of Rs10000

Like most of the movies, story between rivalry of two brothers, Shahrukh and Farah Khan, sorry Shirish Kunder ended in a dramatically positive way. Diggy Chacha Fan Club represents the inside story behind the successful patch up between Khan and Tees Maar Khaan.

After the slap gate incidence yesterday, Farah with her hubby along with Sazid Khan and Nadiadwala reached the premises of Shahrukh Khan at Bandra. Sazid and Sazid tried to remove the issues which crop up out of Tees Maar Khaan and Ra-One between the rival duo.

Sazid Khan said "Hey Shahrukh, Shirish must have made some fun on your movie on Twitter but even I witnessed such a painful fun over my movie 'Housefull'. See so much of fun people have made of Hey Baby and Housefull, which indicated me that many people had watched my movies and also inspired me to start working Housefull Part II. See when you give pain to audience for watching such a disaster, you yourself have to agree to such kind of remarks."

He said "Shahrukh, I have seen Shirish from going through mental diabolism and physical digestionabolism after watching the role of expressionless Arjun Rampaul and it was just a frustration which he expressed on Twitter. It was for Arjun Rampaul and not for you."

Shahrukh replied "I am a king, king of bollywood and no one dares to touch my brain. When it gets angry then I don't listen to myself. And his idiotic Tees Maar Khan was not Tees Maar Khan but Tees Machchar Maar Khan." All the participants, except Shirish started laughing as there was a laughing gas emitted.

Gauri Khan, wife of SRK trying to patch up said "See Shahrukh, its better to have a friend like Farah than Piggy Chopp (She muttered 'I would like to chop like tak-tak-tak') otherwise I have many admirers who say I am hot."
SRK stared at Gauri with amazement as who that stupid guy was who told her that she is hot. For some time SRK thought about KRK's name whether he told or what. Smiled and murmured "... Funny!"

Now it was a turn of Farah Khan, who said "Shahrukh just spare Shirish, as you have already saved working in Tees Maar Khaan and also rejected his idiotic Joker. So I think it would be better to forget all the issues here only. And please reject that notorious 10000 rupees award from Family Planning Commission for slapping Shirish."

Shirish finally broke his silence. He said "Hey Shahrukh, I would try to restrict my pegs upto 3 and not move to 4. But I can't help yaar whenever I see you I recall that face of Rampaul's Ra-One which brings me a vomitting like feeling but still I try to improve."

Finally, Gauri made patch up remarks "Hey guys, I have an idea. Why don't let we allow these two buddies watching each other's movies? I would suggest Shirish to watch Ra-One again while SRK will watch Tees Maar Khan and Shahrukh if you have any joke on TMK you can make it."

SRK stared with immense anger at Gauri for suggesting this stupid idea. However, Sazid Khan had different idea. He said "Hey guys now to make everything right we can watch Arjun Rampaul's Housefull."

Shahrukh said "No no... everything is right between us. There is no conflict and there is no need to watch Housefull."

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