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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

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Twitter to introduce new font 'Silence' to welcome Manmohan Singh's debut

Silence is the new language for Twitter, as Manmohan Singh joins

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's office made its debut on popular microblogging site Twitter on Monday. The new media foray by the PMO comes in the wake of TV journalist Pankaj Pachauri taking over as Communications Adviser to the Prime Minister.

However, considering the uneasy situation for Manmohanji who likes to keep his mouth shut, Twitter introduced a new font 'Silence'.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said "We understand the problem of Myanmohaynji. He likes to keep it simple and silent (KISS principal) and therefore to honor his entry in the Social networking site, we planned to introduce a new font, 'Silent'. As like shout box Diggy, Myanmohaynji is very much fond of keep everything in his mouth."
TV journo, Pankaj Pachauri confirmed the development. He said "Actually, it will be easy for me as well. I can easily convert Manmohanji's silence into words."

Costolo elaborated the new font 'Silence'. He said "Actually, when the news released that India's Prime Minister joined Twitter community, I started getting calls from investors. They wanted their money back, as Twitter got a least spoken guy and our business is based mostly on a lot of talking people, like Diggyji. Finally, our board decided innovate a new font specially to honor Myanmohaynji and to welcome him on Twitter box."

"The font is based on last 20 year's data of Myamohaynji's selective talks. Our research team found a similar pattern of the answers to all the questions. The pattern is either he gives answer or keeps a mum or diverts the question to Madamji," Costolo added.

"Based on this data we prepared the font which will be used in giving answers if anybody tweets him," Costolo said. "Currently, the font is in process to get an approval from Prime Minister's Office (PMO) and as soon as we get an approval, we shall release it," he added.

About Font - Silent

Font silent recognizes only three types of answers and has only 3 types of alphabets only which include actual silence, forced silence and silence out of diversion of answers. First actual silence will be for the questions which require actual silence (shut the mouth and give wait-n-watch look, as like John Abraham), second forced silence would be the feeds which have to keep unanswered and will be answered after Madamji's office scanned the questions and third symbols indicating that the answers have diverted to Madamji's office. For Font symbols 
please see the images above.

Diggy Chacha informed DCFC reporter "I told Manmohanji that he doesn't need to appoint Pankaj Pachauri, as I am capable of handling 2 twitter accounts. I really like to Twit. But he said that it will damage the reputation of PMO."

Kisan Lal Yadav, a Chain Gutkha eater was happy with the development. He  said "I also like to keep it simple and silent (KISS principal) whenever I insert a full pack of gutkha in my mouth. Jab bhi hum gutkha khaat hai, hum silentwa ho jaat hai. Agar, Twitter aisan silent walaa font laana chaahat hai to hum bhi open karwaane kaa sochat hai."

Many chain Gutkha and Jarda eaters also confirmed that they are very happily willing to open Twitter account.
However, according to Congress sources the development is not that simple as it looks.

"Actually, Congress plans to add a responsibility of Internet watchdog on Mamohanji's shoulder and he will closely watch the all the tweets and facebook messages along with Kapil Sibal," a senior leader of Congress informed.

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