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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

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Taking inspiration from Sonam, Anil Kapoor will wear banyan (vest) in his next film

Interview with Anil Kapoor

Shy towards losing his clothes in the movies, Ex-Superstar of Hindi Film Industry (Bollywood) and currently famous for his jaw-dropping role in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Hollywood's heart-throb Anil Kapoor will work in a banyans (English word - Vests and no relation with Banyan Tree) in his next Hollywood and Bollywood flicks, taking inspiration from his daughter, Sonam Kapoor.

"I have been always run away from action-packed Sunny Deol and Salman Khan typed films due to my shyness for removing clothes," confessed Anil Kapoor to Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) journalist. He said "However, Sonam showed me the way and I will definitely remove my clothes and will show the great assets covered with great bunch of hairy masculinity."

"I was always fit and fine and never overweight as like Sonam was. Still, many girls in Hollywood ask me are you the same who is father of great beauty queen of India. You don't look like her Pa," blushing Anil Kapoor informed DCFC Journo.

"People across the globe started recognizing me after my role in Mission Impossible and there are chances that I will win an Oscar Award for the special movie category "Smallest Role with No Relevance".

"Earlier, I used to think that it would be really shameful to show your hairy masculinity but these days so many young actors show their bodies without hair, I feel I can be a bit different. While Sonam told the media that she would like to wear bikini in movies, I feel I can do the same in a very different manner. I will wear white and colorful banyans (vests) in my next movies for Hollywood and Bollywood. I discussed the ideas with the directors and they are happy with my decision. They said it is jhakkas idea Anil da," said Anil Kapoor.

When asked about the role in his next Bollywood flick, he said "Actually, I am so busy in English movies that I can't give proper time to Bollywood movies. See, my accent... just check check... it is now American... just a few months before my role in Mission Impossible I developed it by joining Rapidex English Speaking Course. However, I still owe a lot to Indian cinema and I will perform here by making guest appearances or through cameo roles."

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