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Monday, 16 January 2012

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After poor performance of students, Indian government replaces IIPM to IIT to revive Indian educational system

Kyrgyzstan appoints IIT to improve its educational system

After total failure of India's traditional educational powerhouse 'IIT', the Indian government appointed Arindam Chaudhury headed IIPM to improve the intelligence level of Indian students. The development came after Indian students rank 2nd last in global test among the 73 countries that participated in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

"This is an attempt to revive total educational system in India which is dominated by IIT and its age-old programmes and educational ideologies. Prime Minister himself asked us to consider IIPM for the role," said Smt. Vibha Puri Das, Secretary, Department of Higher Education said.

Smt. Das said "We believe that the knowledge of Hon. Arindam Baba is great and in depth. We are aware that he would be the next to be considered as the youngest Noble Prize Winner in India. We don't want to miss the opportunity due to bureaucratic delays which we missed by giving Bharat Ratna to Lata Mangeshkar and Bhimsen Joshi when they actually stopped singing. The policy paralysis is not stopped there and we are considering giving Sachin Tendulkar when he stops playing Cricket. Therefore, this time we plan to ask Arindam to start improving educational system and side-by-side we shall give him Bharat Ratna before improvement process completes."

Sachin Sharma, Secretary to Smt. Das said "My son is from IIPM which allows students to think beyond IITs. I saw the intellectual level of my son. These days he stopped answering the exams but started preparing question papers himself. I am damn sure that he has booked his seat in the IIPM as a faculty member."

"IIPM has done a great job of creating employment. Their students don't burden on our Employment Exchanges which hardly offer any jobs. Arindam himself is very much interested to absorb the passed out students in his own institute for future growth," said Dr. Mrutyunjay Sarangi, Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment.

IIPM dean Arindam Chaudhuri confirmed the development. He said "Finally, the government accepted that we are the best. I learnt that Indian students lacked skills in Science, Maths and English from the news paper. Therefore, I put a proposal with the government for reviving of entire education system. I roared from the roof top of Ministry building 'Dare to think beyond IIT and IIMs' and they agreed. My proposals were, for Science I will show them my greatest creation 'The Last Lear' while for Mathematics they can learn through my another marvelous idea 'Do dooni Char' and world knows how great I am as orator. I will allow them to listen to all my inspirational tapes so that they get command over English language."

However, student lobby was not happy with the whole idea. One student, Ramkisan Sharma said "I will suicide but will not watch those movies and will not listen to those inspirational tapes."

ENT specialists also warned for the side effects. Dr. Subramniam Iyer said "Arindam's tapes are quiet harmful for the ears of students while his movies can affect their eyes and brains. I would recommend the government to reconsider the decision."

In another development, Kyrgyzstan, which came last in the global test asked IITs to set up their base and try to improve the rankings of the students. This will be a 2 years programme under which IIT will try to improve the ranking of Kyrgyzstan students from last to 2nd last.

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