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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

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Real reason why Salman Rushdie canceled his visit to Rajasthan

An insider story

Salman Rushdie, an India born controversial writer of 'The Satanic Verses' canceled his much talked visit to India. Though, talks are that Rushdie was persuaded to stay away from Jaipur Literature Festival. The real reason was something else.

Diggy Chacha Fan Club found out the real reason why Salman Rushdie cancelled Jaipur visit. According to sources close to Salman Rushdie in London, Rajasthan Government wrote a letter to Rushdie offering him to watch new Bollywood movie "Ghost" before attending the Jaipur Festival. Astonished Salman without losing a moment canceled the visit and disappointed his book-lovers in India.

While government sources in Rajasthan kept telling that the cancellation was no way related to the greatest horror movie made in India and the real reason must be something like digestion issue that may occur on the day of the event.

Salman Rushdie, who was a prominent author, scared of seeing the revolutionary movie, "Ghost" shoot in a scary hospital.

"The movie was taken from some pathetic African Novel which when Rushdie read few years back started vomiting continuously. When he realized the same story is drawn on the film canvas and Rajasthan government made it mandatory to watch that movie for visiting Jaipur, he immediately backed out," said Salman Rushdie's Personal Assistant (PA), replying to DCFC's question.

Though, direct emails to Rushdie could not be answered, his PA informed DCFC correspondent "Though, Salman can't watch the movie, he apologized to brilliant movie actors Shiney Ahuja and Sayali Bhagat. He witnessed their real acting talent in their movies 'Sin' and 'The Train' respectively. He also felt sad that Shiney had to work in such kind of movie for making his comeback. However, Rushdie can't spend hours watching that movie and also he sent his condolences to these two actors for acting in Ghost." The PA further added that "Even Rushdie's crew had no interest in watching this movie."

DCFC reporter contacted to the movie director Puja Jatinder Bedi, she said "Just now I came to know from you that he canceled the India visit because Rajasthan government offered him to watch my directorial masterpiece. If that was true I condemn his act and would ask the government to send the pirated DVDs of my film to him. If government doesn't do, then I will send shaapit Atma of my movie which will show the entire movie in his dreams."

Prominent intellectual (our claims are supported by his hairless head), Mahesh Bhatt as usual gave a different direction to the debate, he said "I would like to condemn Salman's act. He should show the tolerance level and watch the movie, though it may be pathetic. I assure him that nothing will happen. For example, I watched many Vikram Bhatt and Mohit Suri movies, still I never complaint. I believe that every movie is a creative way of describing the great talent. While whether it is pathetic or not is subjective and doesn't matter."

However, Shiney Ahuja's maid informed DCFC reporter that at the first screening of the movie, Shiney Ahuja attempted a suicide, as his comeback movie was more pathetic than he expected.

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