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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

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Lemon lobby sued Diggy Chacha calling them as Yeddy Appa

Lemon lobby slapped Diggy Chacha for irresponsible and racist statements

Lemon lobby reacted strongly to Diggy Chacha's statement that stated 'BJP wants to dump Yeddyurappa after squeezinghim like a lemon'. The lobby slapped a legal notice to the most intelligent creature in the universe, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) for comparing them to strange species on the earth.

"We fully trust in the law and therefore believe that we shall get justice. Calling us Yeddy Appa is a big insult for us. Diggy's statement was unwarranted, irresponsible and racist, we condemn his statement," said Ms. Juicy Lemon, President of All India Lemon Association (AILA, no it's not any abusive word Mr. Kapil Sibal).
"We believe lemon community is one of the most hardworking and respected communities in the world which not only provide juicy lemon juice but have many medical properties. Therefore, comparing us with a most unused and utterly useless creature on this earth by same most unused and utterly useless creature made us angry," Juicy Lemon continued talking to DCFC reporter in a short interview.

"Right now we have first decided to file a case against Diggy and ask the apology from him and then after as the summer season begins we shall disappear from his food plate so that he will understand our importance and will never compare with an insignificant person," said Juicy Lemon. However, closed associate of Diggy Chacha said "Diggyji don't drink lemon juice or even don't like lemon at all, as lemon has property of cool and calmness, which doesn't match with his basic nature."

An activist in AILA, Mr. Green Lemon had different opinion. He represents the hard liners in the lemon community. He said "I am not in favor of court case which takes a long time to come to any resolution. I feel that lemon community is intelligent enough to sort this case out of court. I recommend that we shall color ourselves black and red and will cut into two pieces in front of Diggyji which will make him fearful and will stop talking same non-sense."

Chief Secretary of AILA, Lemony Tom said "Actually, lemon community is more tolerant than human community. Still, it got furious reaction from our community that means the intensity of the statement should be considered. We know that Diggy has the habit to talk rubbish about other human beings but we want to pass the message that we are not human beings which can be squeezed like BJP squeezed Yeddyurappa (Yeddy Appa)."

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