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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

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Ricky Ponting raises ad rates as he topped the Google News moving Team Anna downwards

The dream came true. Finally, Ricky Ponting topped in the Google India News which decides the ad rates by pushing hot celebrities like Team Anna, Salman Khan and Lokpal Bill downwards.

"It is really a great feeling. I didn't feel so much happy even after sledging with Sashin Tendulkor by calling him Sashya and Tendlyaa. Finally, I topped the major ad ranking search engine of India. I am very happy but feel sad about Anna Hazare who is fighting against India's corruption. I have heard some celebrity called Salman Khon is very popular in India but now he has 5th number in total Google News top stories," Ricky said in a urgent press conference, showing all Australian Media Persons the website of Google News India. Ricky was very happy when he said media that he topped in the list of top stories while great personalities like Dhirubai Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Sunny Leone and Rahul Baba. "It is proud moment as I am now more popular in India than great people like Sashin Tendulkor and Sunny Leone. I am even topped the list by competing with Indian youth's heartthrob Rahul Baba." 

When a reporter asked him whether this would allow Ricky to hike his ad rates in India, Ricky said "That I can't disclose but one thing is sure, Google News is very popular news search engine in India and considered as a ranking for hot celebrities. Many celebrities do a lot of things to get displayed on the top 5 stories of the site. I have heard about one beautiful girl Poonam Pandey who inspired Indian team to win the World Cup by promising them to show her topless body. Google News recognised the importance of this hot celebrity and showed on the top of all the pages which shoot her ad rates to sky highs."

He indicated that now he would be able to sign contracts with Indian companies for endorsing their brands. "I am fed up with small companies like Volvoline and now wants to endorse for the big brands like 'Fair and Handsome', 'Amul Butter' and 'Sun Screen Lotions' for Indian companies," he informed the reporters.
But why he is bullish on Indian ad makers and why is he so happy, when a reporter asked Ricky he wittingly said "Boss! it is recession over here, pay and packages are reduced half while in India ad spending is going up day by day."

Ricky's secretary informed Press "Ricky is Risky! That is the tag line suggested by Pralhad Kakkar. We plan to appoint him to market Risky Ricky while we have also appointed greatest management guru ever IIPM great Arindam Choudhary as a consultant. We expect few companies will start contacting by end of this season when Ricky will come at least 10 times on the top of the Google news pages."

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