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Thursday, 22 December 2011

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Congress agrees all the conditions of Team Anna but hitch remains on Diggy Chacha's inclusion as Lokpal

In Madam Soniaji's words, it could have been a path breaking day for India. However, just because of one small reason it became the disaster.

(Author Note: Apologise that we can't call Sonia Aunty, as internet decency promoter Kapil uncle will file an FIR against the author.)

"It was Annaji's rigidity that the government and Team Anna could not reach to any conclusion," said Manish Tewari, most famous mouthpiece of Congress after Diggy Chacha and limbu timbu politician. "How much should we bend in front of him? We agreed all his conditions while he was adamdant that he will not agree our only one condition. This is sheer hypocrisy," Manish added.

"Bullshit, what the hell this guy thinks about him? Nobody dared to show any ego besided me and Chiddu in the whole universe and this guy is showing his arrogance to us. I will complain against him towards the cyber law to take him into his arrest," said Kapil Sibal, Zero loss theory and internet censorship fame.

"I request to judiciary to empty A Raja's (Appu Raja) cell by giving him the bail, I will pay by my pocket, so that we shall put Annaji into his cell for future relaxation," said India's Law Minister Salman Khurshid Bhaai.

"No no no, the issue is sanity, purity and clarity. A person should be unscathed and he should not be corrupt mentally. See I never did any crime, any sin or any corruption in my life. But the people like Annaji are corrupting the nation and still he is outside. Last time when I put him behind the bar everybody shouted over me. Hypocrisy," said Chiddu uncle.

So many comments were flooded from Congress party leaders. But what did happen in that meeting wherein Team Anna and Congress discussed about the Lokpal Bill.

A senior leader of Congress party said "It was a good interaction. Even all the senior Congress leaders agreed upon the conditions, Anna had put. But Congress put only one condition which the team and Annaji couldn't agreed upon. This is insult to whole Parliament of the nation that they didn't agree to Congress' one condition."
Famous Bihari leader Lalu Prasad Yadav commented on Twitter (Hindi) "U kaa kehet hai sau lauhaar (team Anna) ki aur ek sunaar (Madamji) ki. Ab hamkaa koi tension naahi hai. Saadhu, gudbag paan lagaa."

The senior Congress leader said "Actually, Madamji welcomed all the suggestions of Team Anna. However, she said that she would agree upon all the conditions but Annaji should agree on one that Diggy Chacha will be the first Lokpal of the nation. This condition team Anna didn't agree and they walked out of the meeting without saying anything."

DCFC reporter contacted Diggy Chacha who initially wasn't comfortable in talking about the whole episode but after persistent questions he broke his silence with tearful eyes. "See I am not greedy of any position. I am the best in the universe and I don't want the position of Lokpal that I told Madamji and Rahul Baba. But still if Madamji insists I will happily become Lokpal."

However, team Anna released a circular "Our fight against corruption will go on and Annaji will seat on fast on given date."

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