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Monday, 26 December 2011

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Maha Mukabala 1: Diggy Chacha to fast against Anna Hazare's agitation for strong Lokpal

The most intelligent person in the universe, Digvijay Singh, popularly known as Diggy Chacha said in today's press conference that he would fast unto death till Anna Hazare rolls back his decision for fast for stronger Lokpal and accept himself as an RSS agent. The development came after many discussions in Congress Party meetings which tried to convince Diggy Chacha not to go for fast.

"We don't want to lose our most precious asset for some petty leaders like Anna Hazare, who represents world's biggest terrorist organization called RSS," said a senior leader of Congress Rashid Alvi.
"I insisted Diggy Chacha a lot times during the party meeting to cancel his fast as he is the most important mouthpiece of the Congress Party and we have a lot of things to learn from him. However, I couldn't succeed, as he was firm on his demand that Annaji should not fast," said a young mouthpiece of Congress Party, Manish Tewary.

Diggy Chacha, himself was steady and kept his calmness and introvert behavior on Twitter like platform. Diggy Chacha tweeted "I am going to fast in front of Annaji, he should accept himself as an RSS agent." He added "MMRDA offered me a bulk discount to set up my stage."

"We are delighted that Diggyji chose Maharashtra as his battle ground for war against RSS people which are against corruption," said Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan. "I told municipal authorities to arrange Sabudana Khichadi with different fruits for Diggyji," said Chavan.

Diggy Chacha said "I am really inspired with Rahul Baba, though he is learning under me, as he is really focused on one cause and that is UP elections. He never put his nose into Lokpal matters. Therefore, I felt to pursue only on this cause deeper so that I can reveal real identity of Annaji. I will eat normal food only after Annaji accepts himself as an RSS agent and rolls back his fast against us."

Some sources from the Congress party said "Actually, Madamji, in the last party meeting was astonished to see Diggy Chacha's diet which was totally unhealthy. She was really worried about Diggy Chacha's health and asked him to have fast so that he can give his tummy some rest. However, Diggy Chacha whose intelligent brain always starts thinking in worrisome times told her that he will connect his diet programme to Annaji's fast."

When DCFC reporter tried to confirm it from Diggy Chacha, he said "What the hell! RSS spread all these stupid things. I only want stronger Lokpal bill in India and Annaji's Lokpal bill is weak."

"I checked Diggyji's health some 10-12 years back and I feel he can easily manage to seat for around 10 days without eating normal food. However, sabudana khichadi may increase acidic levels into his stomach, which is a serious factor," said Diggy Chacha's ex-family doctor, Madhusudan Prasad Shrivastav.

India against corruption activist, Arvind Kejriwal said "It is stupid to go on fast as there is no real cause than just to pull us down."

When reporter asked Anna Hazare, he said "Stupid! He should fast in mental asylum of Thane."

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