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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

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Convert Arthur Road Jail into Kasabji's Museum - Diggy Chacha

Expressing his satisfaction over budget allocated on Pakistani gunman Ajmal Amir Kasab, our beloved Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) said "We have extremely proud guest residing in Arthur Road Jail. I endorse an idea to convert Arthur Road Jail into Kasabji Museum to attract tourists from all over the world." He also added that Foreign exchange earnings from this museum will help us to support falling rupee against dollar.

"I think nobody is secured in this world in any place. Even innocent Osamaji was killed in Pakistan by America. However, Obama can't dare enter in India making this as most peaceful and safest land in the world. It is great pleasure for India that Kasabji chose it as his place to take a rest. Alas! Osamaji chose us," said Diggy Chacha.
When asked about the security alloted to Kasab, he said "he is very happy that Congress government gave all the privilege facilities to Kasab Sir and spent just Rs16Cr." However, sources said that a whopping Rs 48.75 crore has been expended on the jailed Pakistani terrorist who is the main accused in the deadly terror attack on Mumbai on November 26, 2008.

Chacha further added that he recently visited Kasab's cell and he found the security is up to the mark, however, the security guards which were facing challenge to tackle the rising inflation made him cry. "I ask Pranabda to raise the budget allocation at least by 20% so that problems on security guards will ease. In private, they also told me that they are big fans of Rahul Baba."

When DCFC reporter asked Diggy Chacha that how did the idea of making jail as museum struck to his brain. He blushed and said "You know, I am the most intelligent man in this universe. It is real pleasure that a great person like Kasabji is staying in India but still ignored. The world knows how much India loves peace and Kasabji's example show the world that India is safest place on the earth for anybody. Even Gaddafi uncle was not secure in his home country. But in India everybody is secure. My idea is that the western world which always thrives to see the peace across the globe will definitely bring huge amount of foreign exchange earnings."

Finally, Diggy Chacha also urged DCFC reporter not to change his wordings and make chaos across the universe.

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