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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

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Why did Anna's delegation fail to meet Rahul Baba, an inside story from DCFC reporter

In what is being seen as a PR disaster for Congress, a delegation of Anna supporters from Ralegan Siddhi, which was here to meet India's next Prime Minister and most desirable, brand ambassador of Amul Butter, Rahul Baba, was turned away by his office as they had reportedly not sought an appointment.

The sarpanch of Ralegan Siddhi, Jaisingh Rao Mapari, and Hazare's personal assistant, Suresh Pathare on Tuesday said they felt humiliated at being denied an audience with Rahul Baba and were headed back home.
Congress MP from Idukki, PT Thomas (Thomas uncle), who had offered to set up the meeting with Rahul Baba and called them here for an appointment on October 18, later apologised to them and blamed a 'communication gap' for the no-show.

DCFC reporter received a transcript of calls between Thomas uncle and Rahul Baba and Diggy Chacha before the meeting was scheduled.

Rahul Baba: So Thomas uncle, what next which house should I visit in UP for dinner? This time I would like to have good dinner and please arrange AC if I would require to sleep. Last time, I became good food for mosquitos in school.

Thomas uncle: Raul Babbaa... I willa manage eett... inna rascallaa...

Rahul Baba: What? You call me rascal, I will complain about you to Mummy.

Thomas uncle: No no no... Raul Babbaa... no complain... I deed not call yu rascallaaa... it was just just a mees communicationna... I was telling it to my chaaee wallaa.. sorry for the meestaka... anda eet waasaa innaaa Tamill slang

Rahul Baba: Ok fine now arrange whatever I told you.

Thomas uncle: Ok Babbaa... actually Babbaa.. I wanted to tella abot a villeagaa, inna Raley gaan Shiddee I wos viseeted lost weekaa.

Rahul Baba: What's that?

Thomas uncle: Baabbaa, I veeseeted Raley gaan lost weekaa... it eesaaa nice weekend destee nation for yu. Yu 
canna viseeta aam aadmee kaa ghar faaar deenner parteee... It essaa reech vileage and food testy.

Rahul Baba: Ok so arrange my visit next week, for long time I also didn't get good food...

Thomas uncle: No... no Raul Babbaa... they weel come to us with good fooda... Annaa factor danger factoraa...

Rahul Baba: Ok that's nice, at least I will saved from mosquitos... where is that place in UP.

Thomas uncle: No no no... Raul Babbaa... not inaaa it eess not innaa UP they weel come to us weed good food...

Rahul Baba: Ok give them time on October 18

Diggy Chacha checked Rahul Baba's schedule for next week on October 15

Diggy Chacha: What Rahul Baba, why are you meeting people outside UP which is not in your job scope?

Rahul Baba: No I am going to meet people in UP only. Thomas told me some weired name of a village and told me that they will carry good food (yummy).

Diggy Chacha (irritated tone): Where is that Tom?.. take him to conference...

Thomas uncle: Whaataa happenaa Diggyjee?

Diggy Chacha: Thomas, how many times I told you now a days Rahul Baba's work area is UP only and why did you give appointment to Ralegan villagers in Maharashtra.

Rahul Baba: But Chacha, they are also farmers and aam-aadmis... and they cook good food as well... and 

Thomas uncle told me I would not require to go there, they themselves will bring food here.. wow yummy...

Diggy Chacha: Rahul Baba.... please focus on UP only for now...

Thomas uncle: I am sorreee Diggyjee... I change the schedulaaa... and weel tell them to go back....

In a press conference after the meeting cancelled

Thomas uncle: There was a communication gap from my office. I apologise for the communication gap from my office. My office people told them that they could come to Delhi after October 15 to meet Rahul Gandhi

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