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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

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Raja, Yeddy Appa and Kalmadi cheered with CEC's statement over right to reject and recall

Amid a campaign by Team Anna for polls reforms, the Election Commission has disfavored any proposal to include the 'right to reject' or 'right to recall' clauses in election rules, saying they may not work in a large country like India.

Opposing the proposal to have a 'right to recall' as in many developed countries, chief election commission (CEC) S Y Quraishi has held that it will "destabilise" the country, especially in areas where "people already feel alienated".

"I am proud to be in India where independent agencies like EC take care of the honest member of parliaments. See any face can become hero in Tamil movies, on same fundamental I have always a right to contest and win elections. We have every right to force us on India's voters. See I have "Anna" in my name therefore I am totally corruption free," said great A. Raja who received support from Diggy Chacha earlier. "I don't need to worry about the Court's verdict now, as I am now sure that I will serve people life-long by contesting elections," Raja said in an emotional conversation with DCFC reporter.

He said "Our supreme authority Don M Karunanidhi (DMK's full form) has always appreciated my work for aam Tamil Janata and I am next to Rajinikanth in popularity. I believe I would be contesting next elections and will comeback to Minister Level. This time I would like to have some other ministry where my creative ideas and thought process can be applied."

Yeddy Appa said "Generally, voters have little intelligence and therefore we smart people represent them. I agreed with CEC's thought process. Voters have low IQ and are not good enough to judge to whom to reject or to allow for contesting elections.

About right to recall I personally believe we honest representatives of people will lose sustainability. See for example tomorrow I want to sign a deal with a steel company for alloting mining rights which had already sent some lakhs of crore rupees to my trust formed for social services and suddenly one oversmart person asks for right to recall what message our humble corporates will receive? Will they invest in India? This way the investment scenario will deteriorate in India. Further, how can a trust set up for social services will garner money for servicing people." When DCFC reporter asked Yeddy Appa his plans if right to reject or recall doesn't come. He said "I am trying to get in touch with Diggyji and will try to contest from Congress Party's side. I am sure our intelligent and great voters will this time take me to Delhi."

Kalmadi had different views. He said "I used to think I was the most intelligent person in India (Diggy Chacha is most intelligent in universe and Kalmadi is a local guy) but Congress proved me that I am fool and have a brain disease. But now I will prove by my statement that I don't worry about right to reject or recall because I will get selected through Rajya Sabha as many people who are best to throw in a dustbin will select me."

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