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Saturday, 22 October 2011

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Pronobda plans special funds for Mayawati statues if she wins UP elections

"Eet wosh an oye hopener for me," said Pronobda. "Today mhorning I read how Mayawoti had progreshed UP in loine with Gujarot holl moy beliefsh about her vanished."

Pronobda was in exciting mode after reading a news that Mayawati bursts Narendra Modi's economic growth myth.

"I moyshelf deshided that I will make provishions in bodget for 1000 Mayawoti stashues with gold plated shandals in UP if she winsh tho elecshons. In 500 stashus Mayawoti will ride elephant," Pronobda said.

Pronobda's secretary told DCFC reporter "Budget will be Rs100Cr per statues, a total UP development plan of Rs10000Cr. Our target is to create 100 statues per year. Pranabda asked Montek Singh Ahluwalia (Montyji) to include the scheme for Mayawati statue creation in five year plan documents. He was very happy as he did not have any productive work these days. The entire scheme will also create an employment for hundreds of statue makers and related."

"Earlier, we thought not to vote BSP and go with Rahul Baba's youth mission and to vote Congress. But Pranabji's statement opened our eyes and now we shall vote Behenji only," said Ramvilas, a statue maker from Lacknow. "Pranabji is providing us a great employment opportunity. Therefore we decided to vote Mayawatiji," said Ramvilas' brother Lakkhanprasad.

"I olsho tolk with Madamji. She ish very happy with my idea. She told me to go ahead," Pronobda happily said. "I alsho deshided name for the scheme. It will be named 'Shonia Gondhi Mayawati's Shtashu Hemployement Gorantee Scheme' and will launsh aftor Mayawoti winsh elecshons," Pronobda said.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said "It is just a salute to great lady who overshadowed Narendra Modi. Pranabda's idea is nothing to do about attracting dalit votes."

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