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Monday, 17 October 2011

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Shooting all over

Finishing off every enemy one by one, the most respected creature in the universe and mentor of India's future Prime Minister, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) is shooting all over. Congress Government's pride and BJP's envy, Diggy Chacha using only 1% part of his brain has cut all his enemies.

First enemy - Anna Hazare

First and foremost, Anna Hazare a person who has irritated government for long time went for Maun Vrata, a course suggested by Diggy Chacha. Diggy Chacha said Anna Hazare has decided to observe "maun vrat" (vow of silence) so that he does not have to give a reply to questions related to B S Yeddyurappa and team Anna member Prashant Bhushan.

Diggy Chacha said "It was me only to whom Annaji, though I respect him a lot affraid most as I can find out truth 
as like Colgate finds germs in the middle of the teeth. However, I am so gentle, kind and humble that I never take credit. This time I will give credit to our strongest and most trusted as a loser candidate of Hisar by-Poll who threatened Arvind Kejriwal in a Haryana Shytle. The message was also read by Annaji and therefore went for a pin-drop silence mode. One more thing I want to tell RSS and its agents that I am the pioneer and copyright holder of Maun Vrata as I myself go on it quiet ocassionaly to practice my Gandhian approach (Please check recent archives of Digvijay Singh Fan Club)."

"See I only exposed Annaji at the beginning of his RSS led movement. Now, The RSS functionary wrote that he directed the workers to support Anna's campaign. He also issued directives for supporting Baba Ramdev, which proves that Annaji is his agent," most intellectual person in the universe, Diggy Chacha said.

"On the one hand, they say not a single RSS worker was present in the campaign while on the other Govindacharya said 20% workers were of Sangh. Both the statements cannot be right, we want to know which one is correct," he said. "However, as per my own intelligence agency the number is touching 100% and rest were statues," Diggy Chacha added.

When DCFC reporter contacted one Team Anna member, he said "How the hell we know who was RSS person and who was Congressman. Take him to mental asylum."

Second enemy - Mayawati

Hathi meri Sathi fame, most obsessed by different varieties of MNC sandals (no not scandals), Behenji Mayawatiji (Behenji) was the second political entity (yea entity because she thinks she is more than a person and a big entity, world revolves around her).

"We are preparing a charge-sheet against Mayawati and we will expose her misdeeds at a public rally in Lucknow around February," Diggy Chacha said. Diggy Chacha's anti-Mayawati crusade was launched in July 2011.
"Diggyji's anti-Mayawati crusade started paying off plus charishma of Rahul Baba his most desirable personality among the young girls of aam-aadmis, farmers and dalits also gave the great mileague to the party," said a Congress supporter.

Criticising her for installing her own statues in Lucknow and in Noida, Chacha said " There is nothing special what makes Mayawati to set up her own statues. Mayawati has set a new convention of putting up statues of living persons and that too with government money, which is highly objectionable."

"What is even worse that the tax-payer's money was also used to erect statues of Mayawati's family members too," he said.

He hastened to clarify that his party had nothing against installation of statues of Dalit icons, "but surely Mayawati is not entitled to be erecting her own statues or that of her kin at state expense. Postures of other great people were very small while her is big which also requires additional spending."

Diggy Chacha's supporter said "Actually Behenji is paranoid and thinks that nobody will set up her statues as like dalit icons so she is in hurry."

However, BSP spokesperson had a different view "This is a different shtyle of projecting one's work. Now in India, every road, every park and every place has named by Key Gandhi and Nehru figures. So giving Behenji's name to roads, parks and toilets is less creative while dalit icons are few so standing with them makes her new dalit icon as well. Therefore, we believe Diggy's statement that Behenji should not set up her own statue is totally anti-dalit and we condemn it."

Third enemy- BJP as a whole

Diggy Chacha also thrashed BJP for its double-standards. "Whatever Lal Krishna Advaniji is doing is all copy and paste from Gandhian approach adopted by Congress senior leaders, particularly Rahul Baba. He had a padyatra against Behenji's corruption in UP now Advaniji has hijacked that project on a big scale. However, when BJP has people like Bangaru Laxman who were caught accepting bribe on camera and (former Karnataka chief minister BS) Yedyurrappa who had to eventually go to jail because of his corrupt activities, Advani's anti-corruption yatra only reflects his double-standards."

He said to top it all, the hollowness behind Advani's anti-corruption campaign stood completely exposed when his own partymen were recently caught offering Rs1,000 each to journalists who had gone to cover the Advani yatra in Satna (Madhya Pradesh). However, we had never offer a rupee to any farmer during Rahul Baba's padyatra.

No statement came from BJP up till now.

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