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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

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Rahul Baba ate in the house of villager in Jhansi and slept inside a school building

Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba), India's most desirable and future Prime Minister who is under the mentorship of great intellectual in the universe Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) has added one more feather in his cap. He had dinner at the house of a villager in Jhansi and slept inside a school building.

"It was very irritating experience. A lot of mosquitos and insects suck our blood which is not recoverable," said one security guy of Rahul Baba. "He should avoid such trips which are very dangerous for the life of his security people," he added.

"Rahul Baba ne hamaar ghar me khaana khaaya (Rahul Baba ate at my place)," said a villager Kunjilal. "Wo hame bole bhi ki hamaar patle hone ka raaj isi khaane me chupaa hai (He said that my secret of my slim and trim body is my eating habit). Aap ne achchi aadat dal ke rakhi hai kam khaana khane ki (You have a good habit of eating less)," Kunjilal continued.

"Yea that is true, Rahul Baba is facing some digestion related problems due to excess eating. Therefore, eating at Kunjilal like people and arranging padyatras help him to put control on his weight," said a political expert requesting anonymity.

"I had a dinner at aam-aadmi's house. He is not just aam-aadmi but also villager and dalit as well," said Rahul Baba. "I feel good after sleeping on the couch in the School building. It was flat surface which also helped me to digest that heavy and oily food of Kunjilal," he added.

"These people generally eat less and always conscious about their diet. No fatty and excess food so that they control their weight. I would like to discuss my findings with Diggy Chacha," Rahul Baba said.

Late in the night, Rahul Gandhi slept at the local primary school building along with Union minister of state Pradeep Jain Aditya and former minister Bihari Lal Arya.

Pradeep Jain Aditya said "Rahul Baba is most deserving candidate of Prime Minister. He knows the pulse of Indian aam-aadmis."

Bihari Lal Arya said "Actually, yesterday night only I told Pradeep Jain Aditya that Rahul Baba is most deserving candidate for the Prime Ministership though he didn't give my reference. It was just a clarification that he might have forgotten to maintain my name. Diggyji, Madamji are you listening?"

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