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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

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"I have proof RSS is behind you, Anna," Diggy Chacha roared again

The most intelligent person in the universe and source of Rahul Baba's intelligence, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) roared again at Annaji Hazare. "I respect you a lot. Still I have proof RSS is behind you," Diggy Chacha said.

"Diggyji has strong brain muscles and they can't compare with any creature in the earth. Last time I saw these muscles in the brain of Jadoo. However, Diggyji's muscles are more developed than any creature inside the earth or outside the earth," said a famous psychologist in USA requesting anonymity as he will face a big time crowd to his hospital. "Therefore his ability to take challenges and fulfil promises is much bigger than any normal human being," he added.

"Yea that is true. Diggyji is always focusing on achieving targets. Now they found out the real proof for his statement that RSS is behind Anna. Most important thing is RSS itself disclosed the proof in front of Diggyji," said a proud supporter of Diggy Chacha.

"Mohan Bhagwat, RSS' head and Govindacharya themselves came to me and confessed heavyheartedly that they support the conspiracy that Annaji (I respect him a lot) created against patriot Congress Party," said Diggy Chacha. Mohan told me that he said in Dussehra address in Nagpur that he supported Annaji's fast while Govindacharya also said same thing. Now you can't hide behind any place. Though I respect Annaji a lot, I will not let him go as taking support from a terror organisation," Diggy Chacha said in a brief conversation with DCFC reporter.

He said "Even Sangh's spokesman Ram Madhav had come to Annaji's dais and had extended his support? During the conclusion of your programme at the Ramlila grounds, special mention was made of the RSS and BJP chief Nitin Gadkari while extending thanks. In such a backdrop, he says that he is not aware the Sangh has extended support, raises questions about Annaji's credibility. However, I respect him a lot."

Diggy Chacha innocently asked Annaji "My simple question to you is that while conducting such a huge nation-wide campaign, are you not aware which organisations are supporting you and do you still want to go ahead by taking their support?"

When DCFC reporter asked Diggy Chacha about his findings, he said "This kind of work takes a lot of energy and time. But it is small thing for me. So much of data finding, number crunching. I don't think even world strangest creature Rajini or Ghajini can do whatever I did. However, I am satisfied as I exposed Annaji's conspiracy. I exposed him. I still respect Annaji but he is a mask of India's terror organisation."

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