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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

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David Dhawan plans Diggy Chacha for his next movie after initial success for Rascals

Riding on the success of movie Rascals, funny film maker David Dhawan announced plans Diggy Chacha to offer a lead role in his next movie venture.

"He has a great sense-of-humor and no one can match that. Even I say Govinda also can't match it," David Dhawan said. "In my next venture I am planning him to offer a humorous role and demonstrate all his funny skills in front of audience. It will be a treat to watch," he added.

When DCFC reporter asked him how he understood that Diggy Chacha has a great sense of humor. David Dhawan said "He is the only one politician in India who can make fun and help people laughing. It is a great social work which had been ignored till date. I would like to expose that skill through my light hearted comedy film."

"We are very programmed people and brain muscles are very rigid while very few people have flexibility in thought process and also expressive skills. Diggyji is honored with such skills by God only. He can't just express his thoughts but through funny ways. Therefore Davidji thought about the venture," David's secretary said to DCFC reporter.

One bollywood critic without disclosing his identity said "David's sense-of-humor is deteriorating consistently. Day by day his movies lack humor. They make jokes which are really not capable to make audience laugh. Diggyji's support may help him in a big way to come back to his old glory."

"We are also in talks with few leading foreign wig manufacturers like Follea and Joseph's Wigs to give some natural looks to Diggy Chacha," David Dhawan said with a serious look. "My writers are already started working on a script with a strong role to Diggy Chacha. I will personally visit his residence and will show him my script," he added.

DCFC reporter tried to contact Diggy Chacha for his views on developments. However, due to Hisar by-elections he was busy in press-conferences and was unavailable. Diggy Chacha's supporter threw some light on the development. He said "Yea Diggyji know that David would like to cast him in his next venture. However, Diggyji strongly stands on one condition. The movie should not favor terror organisations like RSS."

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