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Sunday, 23 October 2011

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Behenji Mayawati shuts Diggy's mouth by accusing centre for inflated budget on statues

Attacking the centre and in particular Diggy Chacha who said that Mayawati spent Rs10000Cr on statues, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and hathi mere sathi fame Mayawati (Behenji) Saturday said statue budget was inflated due to ever rising inflation and asked for more central funds to tackle deficit of funds for statues in many areas of UP.

"We targeted to set up at least 500 statues this year but able to set up only 50 statues that too because of inflated prices of materials required to build statues," Behenji said at the National Development Council (NDC) meeting.

Taking a dig on Diggy Chacha's statement that UP state spent Rs10000Cr on building statues, Behenji said "The centre sanctioned a package worth Rs7,266Cr while rest of the amount had to spend from Uttar Pardes' pocket. Diggy should check the facts and should not conspire against a dalit lady."

Bahenji said "Common man, trader, everybody is suffering due to high inflation and the situation on high prices of essential commodities, such as stone and cost of labor for statue making was serious. Our budget was inflated at least by 20%. This will impact the pace of development and our commitment to generate jobs for statue makers."
Pointing out that the number of central welfare schemes increased significantly during the 11th Plan which, she said, brought a lot of financial strain on the state's resources and therefore state had to chose over statues against those welfare schemes, Mayawati asked for reduction in the number of such welfare schemes so that real adequate funds will be provided on better looking statues. "I would like to make next statue from white stone so that I will look fair," she said.

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