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Monday, 10 October 2011

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"Media misquoted me," Asaramji Bapu

India's prominent spiritual leader Asaramji Bapu (this is different Bapu and no relation with Gandhian theory) have been slammed by most intelligent creature in the universe and mentor of future Prime Minister Rahul Baba, Digvijay Singh (popularly known as Diggy Chacha) for calling Rahul Baba as a kid.

"See that was a total nonsense. Diggy Chacha had every right to ask Asaramji Bapu whom he respect a lot to shut his mouth. Under Diggy Chacha, Rahul Baba is grooming up very fast. Further Amul Butter and Kellog's Corn Flakes have all material minerals, fibres, fats and proteins which help him grow at a faster rate. Therefore it was totally a stupid claim of calling him Kid. Further few hopeless websites like DCFC calls him Amul Baby which is also intolerable and under the right to express displeasure," said a strong supporter of Diggy Chacha.

Diggy Chacha earlier said "Asaram Bapu should first decide whether he wants to venture into politics or wants to be known as a religious preacher. A person who belongs to the field of religion should refrain from making such comments. Asaram Bapu should firstly make his intention clear whether he wants to be in politics and fight elections, before that he should not pass such comments and we will openly criticise him."

"Diggyji is considering to file a defamation suit against Bapuji though he respects him a lot. He asked Salman Bhai to give a personal attention," said the supporter.

However, trying to restrict the controversy Bapu's Ashram released a press statement acknowledging the misquotation of the media and said "Asaramji Bapu always call everybody as "Bachcha", which means "kid" to show the great fatherly and godly gesture. It was in the same context that he said Bachcha Rahul Baba will be India's future prime minister. However, media misquoted and said Bapu called Rahul Baba as Kid."

Press release also said that Bapu just wanted to suggest that Rahul Baba should reduce the overall time line of decision making from 8 days to 2-3 days so that efficiency level can be achieved and he will become a really deserving candidate.

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