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Monday, 10 October 2011

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"I am truly a global leader, don't have greed like Annaji for Presidentship," Diggy Chacha

After a long time of silence, Diggy Chacha took some time out to discuss the current affairs with DCFC reporter and share his thoughts and vision. Nothing was changed except his specs, Diggy Chacha was same visionary, intelligent and argumentative politician. He knows well what the h..l he is talking about. Same purity and same peacefulness was flowing through his tounge. We present the excerpts of his interview. DCFC readers can also read popular interview with Diggy Chacha "Statements I make and Statements I wanted to make".

DCFC Reporter: Thanks for coming here Diggy Chacha. It has been a long time to see you active again. We heard you learnt a course how to conserve energies between these days.

Diggy Chacha: Thanks. I like DCFC as it presents the facts particularly which I presented without any twists or manipulation. It clearly writes what is in my mind.

About course, as you are aware I am the most intelligent person in the universe I don't require to join any kind of course. However, society and people are the core things in my mind and as a human being in this birth I felt that I should regather my energies again. So many things I have to face. On so many things I have to talk. Therefore, I joined a crash course called Maun Vrata taught by Saint Peter Ramdev, oh no this is not that thug Ramdev Baba, (Diggy Chacha explained) this is a holy spirit who learnt the idea in Italy. So for some days I was into this course, Madamji only recommended it. The course helped me in rejuvenating all my hidden energies. However, I still stick to my policy to talk less which time to time I discussed with press and media.

(DCFC Note: Maunvrata helps cleaning dust and garbage in the minds and brains of people. Though this was not helpful for Diggy Chacha as he is a pure mind and holy spirit in the realm of the earth, he chose this course to show directions to his followers and other politicians of India to improve their hearts and brains.)

DCFC reporter: So Chacha, what is your view on current affairs?

Diggy Chacha: Which current affair? I track so many affairs these days. Do you know I read Bombay Times, Delhi Times and Jabalpur Times (Page 3 of Times of India). Even I know Rakhiji's offer to Ramdev Baba for marriage and to lose his innocence. But this thug didn't understand the purity of Rakhi's mind and denied it completely. So many affairs I track. Sometime back I came to know that PC is again trying to come in Shahid Kapoor's life. Which current affair you are talking about?

DCFC reporter: No no.. Chacha I was asking about current political affair.

Diggy Chacha: Oops... my mistake (humbleness of Diggy Chacha). After N.D. Tiwari, I heardly know any political affair. Yea, my investigation team is searching for affairs of RSS people.

DCFC reporter: Ok... Now Anna Hazare is trying to create problems for Congress in Hisar elections. What is your view?

Diggy Chacha: I respect Annaji, he is a very kind person but now is used by some terror organisations. This is a total conspiracy of those terror organisations against Congress and India. I still respect Annaji and want to tell Hisar's voters that I also love Annaji and I support his cause to eradicate corruption from India. I was the only person who started movement against corruption from Madhya Pradesh. Voters still remember my way of working with humbleness and complete transperancy and therefore asked me to leave the Political Sanyaas that I took 10 years back and become Chief Minister again. One of the junior members of the Congress Party in Madhya Pradesh told me that his son borned when I took a temporary retirement. However, when I completed my 5 years of Sanyaas, the member's son started asking him when I will see Diggy Dadaji. His son started listening my audio tapes with inspirational quotes and has become my fan as well.

Coming back to Annaji, I feel he is misguided by some Anti-Congress forces and therefore he is talking against Congress in Hisar. Don't worry we already considered Hisar as our lost constituency so there will be no positive or negative impact and therefore I haven't sent Rahul Baba to campaign Hisar rally.
DCFC reporter: Arvind Kejriwal said that he will not allow Congress to win from Hisar.
Diggy Chacha: How much this guy talks? So many times I told him to join Saint Peter Ramdev's maun vrata class. Everybody in my party is irritated with him. He doesn't know what to say what not to say.
Now about Hisar, What will he do? See I have done complete research. I asked 100 Congressmen in Hisar who were from all religions and castes. 98% said they don't know Arvind Kejriwal. Further, Hisar is a small constituency so the results are not really important for us.

DCFC reporter: But don't you think Anna's campaign will hurt Congress in a big way?

Diggy Chacha: Annaji is a great personality. I respect him a lot. But he is a mask of all anti-Congress parties. My sources informed me that the BJP intends to put up Hazare as the presidential candidate of all anti-Congress parties which is also anti-national. I am planning for a Viman Yatra (by Aeroplane) to spread the words that Annaji's campaign is anti-national, so I don't think it really matters.

DCFC reporter: Why don't you become President of India?

Diggy Chacha (blushing): I tell you a secret please don't disclose. Sibal told Madamji that Diggy is a most prominent leader and most eligible person for the post of President of India. However, Madamji told him that Diggy is a global leader and deserves not less than Nobel Prize further he is now mentoring Rahul Baba to make a great PM for India. Madamji also felt that it will restrict me from working (talking and talking). I think I have much more potential than just sitting idle on President's chair. My energy level is very high and it was reflected through kickass to Sunil Kumar and slap to an anti-national RSS person. I am truly a global leader, don't have greed like Annaji for Presidentship.  

DCFC reporter: Arvind Kejriwal said some people say we are doing politics. We have been saying from the beginning that we are doing politics. But we don't do party or vote bank politics but politics for the people. What is your view?

Diggy Chacha: See from the first day I was telling you that Team Anna is playing politics. Tell me now what can I say? My sources were as usual correct. I would definitely like Arvind to accompany me in mental asylum.
DCFC reporter: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said in his annual Vijayadashmi address on Thursday that RSS workers had participated in the recent movements against corruption.

Diggy Chacha: See, now is there any doubt about my intelligence? I know you always promoted by about my though process and understanding but the world has limited amount of intelligence that is why some times I feel isolated. India is a country where intelligent and innocent people like Suresh Bhaai are called as brainless and put in jail while corrupt people like Arvind Kejriwal who has not paid any rupee to Tax department and Annaji who spent more than Rs2Lakhs on his birthday are roaming comfortably. They also got support from terror organisations but nobody is interested. I am shocked that people thought I was just making tall claims. Now I think Annaji, though I respect him a lot should also accompany me to mental asylum.

DCFC reporter: We respect you a lot Diggy Chacha. So what are your upcoming plans?

Diggy Chacha: Nothing great. Rahul Baba is ready to become Prime Minister so I have to draw a proper plan. He is the first of India's upcoming Prime Ministers who spent a lot of his time with aam aadmi. Yesterday, he sat on a 2-wheeler of one aam aadmi. 2-3 days back he went through a Taxi asking the problems of Taxiwalas. Taxiwalas told him that they are not allowed to spit on the roads which make their lives hell. Rahul Baba assured them that he will try to solve their problems and will buy new spitting boxes attached to their taxi doors. In Metro railway he asked the problems of Railway commuters. Railway commuters told him that the garbage cleaners don't come on time. He said he will talk to higher authorities and Railway minister to confirm that garbage collector will come on time.

Sometime back we had arranged a padyatra for him, he slept in a Dalit's and farmer's house which is a remarkable thing. 1 to 2 years back he digged in a barron land and collected some mud along with few diggers. He also went through Mumbai Local train commuters. So all these arrangements I have to make offering with 100% full proof security. I can't take a sigh of relief till I see Rahul Baba on PM's seat.

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