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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

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Indian Law Institute plans to introduce specialisation course in Defamation Laws

Considering the rising cases of defamation, Indian Law Institute (ILI) plans to introduce specialisation in Law of Defamation to create a new generation of lawyers who can advise their clients on defamation cases.

"It is a big opportunity for us as many politicians, bollywood stars and corporate honchos require the specialised lawyers for handling cases of defamation," said one student of ILI.

Few students will only focus on India's great politicians like Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) who is actively involved in defamation cases. He has filed numerous cases against numerous people including advanced technological platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Some terror organisations such as RSS have filed cases against Diggy Chacha for defamation. "Diggy Chacha provides opportunity for many lawyers as volume of cases is large and therefore he is most popular in our institute to for placement purpose," said one official of ILI. "Few people who are more socially aware would like to fight defamation cases for Anna Hazare for free-of-charge," he added.
However, politicians like Manish Tiwari are less popular as they avoid cases to come to court and reducing the chances of generating income. "Yea, that is true. The Institute has also put a case study of Manish Tiwari in our syllabus as a client backs out from the court case by apologizing to complainant. We would not like to tolerate such a middle class attitude clients who don't like to go to courts," said a student who plans to join course as soon as it gets launched.

"We plan to set up a special study center with all the facilities available for the course and invite to Diggyji to give his valued feed back as well," said Mr. Dalip Kumar Registrar of ILI. "We also offer him a lifetime membership on a simple doctrine that 'Client is God'. We assure our students that they will get best of the clients by joining this course while we assured our clients that they will get best of the talents to fight for their cases," he said.
Few students have charged institute for asking huge fees for the specialisation and announced a strong protest. "They are charging abnormally high fees which we can't afford to pay," said a furious student of ILI. "Therefore we decided to protest and asked for an equal opportunity for every student," he added.

Dalip Kumar said "Yes it is right fees are very high. But they are reasonable if we compare them to the overall opportunities that students will get. See first of all we offer confirm clients and exorbitant levels of fees they will pay if student passes out the course."

"The study center will be equipped with all the facilities that the group of socialites, politicians and film actors use like Sauna Bath, Sports center, Golf club, Snooker, Swimming Pool, 5-star restaurant, etc. so that our students will learn the true characteristics of the esteemed clients who file defamation suits," said Dalip Kumar.

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