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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

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Diggy Chacha plans to case against Anna Hazare for defaming Congress in advance

Learning from his bitter experience from Twitter and Facebook, Diggy Chacha plans to file a defamation case against modern Gandhiji, Anna Hazare (Annaji) for his act which he is going to perform in future, DCFC reporter was informed by a source closed to the development.

"Diggyji often say that we Indians need total judicial revolution," said one supporter of Diggy chacha.
"We should stop crime from happening before hand. He gave us example that now respectable Annaji is going to defame Congress and Congress Parivar in UP and Haryana elections so we need to stop him from committing crime of defamation. Stopping a crime before happening is stopping a honest man from becoming criminal. This is a great Gandhian principal which we have to adopt," the supporter was saying with wet eyes.

"Therefore, with heavy heart he picked up the phone and called Veer Appaji a great Law understanding person of India for understanding whether he can file a suit against Annaji. Veer Appa in an irritated voice told him Diggy did you forget Salman Bhaai handles that position and I am a Corporate minister and put down his phone. Salman Bhaai was not available for his advice. Therefore, finally he decided to file a defamation case against Annaji in advance," supporter added.

Diggy Chacha's lawyer Rohit Kochar said "a severe damage may happen to Congress Party's goodwill and reputation besides inflicting acute mental pain and agony on "Party, Party Parivar, Party Parivar's friends and colleagues".

"The same may cause grave damage and injury to the reputation, goodwill and image of the Congress party to which Chacha is the General Secretary and also a mentor of future prime minister (though he humbly denies)," the rough draft of the complaint said.

The rough draft also said "Annaji's statements can be highly offensive, menacing, annoying, insulting and injurious content, messages, pictures and other data".

"If I can file a suit against somebody whom we have doubt that he/she may murder me, why not Annaji as he is going to defame the most respected political party in India. He is a part of India's constitution and therefore law can't be different for him," supporter said.

He added "Diggy Chacha is trying to find solution about judicial revolution and is in discussions with Salman Bhaai".

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