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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

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India plans to launch special loan packages for BPL public to buy world's cheapest tablet

India's biggest innovator and creative eye, Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia (Monty Uncle) was in a hurry to submit some papers to Planning Commission officials and to tell them to add this as an important supplement to 12th Five Year Plan document. When DCFC reporter catched him up he said, "I am not at all interested right now to you. I am in a hurry and need to submit a very important document with the officials."

DCFC reporter contacted to his Personal Secretary Mr. Arunish Chawla who is never in a hurry. His justification was correct as he said "In a hurry last time he (Monty Uncle) defined BPL public below Rs32 per day. So it was not really worthy to be in a hurry. I am never in a hurry. Sometimes, I feel he is also doing my work to speed up the process."

DCFC reporter asked Chawla that why he was in a hurry and what was he going to submit to the officials. Chawla said "Sorry, confidential boss check somebody else. It was a revolutionary idea and the brain behind that idea was Montyji himself."

Reporter checked with one source who gave us detailed information but with a request of anonymity. He said "Montyji had an idea that we can provide world's cheapest $35 tablet (innovation from Kapil Sibal who originated a theory called Zero Loss Theory) to BPL public on concessional loan basis which will improve their lives. Therefore, for last 2 days he was busy in calculations and prepare many excel sheets. He believes that if a BPL family of 6 people (2 small children, 1 husband, 1 wife and 2 parents) considered then their gross total monthly income comes around Rs5,760 per month while tablet PC will be available at Rs1,750 which is in their buying limits if proper concessional loan programme is available."

The source said "Montyji only wants to raise the status of India's BPL population. It will be the first hi-tech and gadget savvy population in the world. In his view, this will be also a great salutation to Sibalji's work as he invented such a marvellous product for just Rs1,750. This is a salute from one brain to another." He was talking in a proud manner for Monty uncle.

When asked him how will poor Indians arrange money for tablets. "See, borrower has to pay 10% as a down payment only, which is Rs175 while rest will come from loan arrangements with all the Public Sector banks at a very concessional rates. He is also planning for a subsidy for rural BPL population. This will create a big captive market for the tablet manufacturer and also a step towards globalisation and comprehensiveness." He added "This way Montyji wants to show the world that how the government is taking steps to reach out with high technological models to all aspects of Indian lives."

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