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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

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"Ha ha ha, I don't want to line up for Lokpal. Rahul Baba is most deserving candidate as PM and Lokpal," said Diggy Chacha

Diggy Chacha is a man of his promise. He knows everything in the world. He knows everything in Indian Constitution. He mugged up everything and can talk about anything in the world. Therefore, to satisfy his querry, DCFC reporter asked whether he would be interested in becoming Lokpal.

Diggy Chacha smiled like Krishna smiles in Mahabharat serial and said "No no... I would like to remain low profile. There are many people who want to take that post and many people have started offering me huge money to tell their names to the government. But I am serious about only one name and that is Rahul Baba."
Shocked, DCFC reporter asked him how do Rahul Baba work as Lokpal.

Diggy Chacha confidently said "Rahul Baba is most deserving candidate of Prime Minister today. Lokpal requires most deserving candidate and Rahul Baba is trained enough to handle pressure of both the positions. I knew 10 years back that some day Lokpal issue will be raised and therefore I trained Baba in both the ways." Diggy Chacha asked "See what is Lokpal? I tell you. It is Lok pal means near to aam aadmi. Now tell me who
 in India is closest to aam aadmi. It is Rahul Baba only. He visited aam aadmi's families had lunch and dinner with them, he travelled through taxis, metro railways, suburban trains and he also went by padyatra (foot march) all of which qualities prove him that he is most deserving candidate as PM and Lokpal."

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