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Monday, 24 October 2011

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Diggy Chacha held by Bihar Police as a lost statue of Late Digvijay Singh

In a funny incidence in Lucknow, Bihar Police inadvertently held expressionless and poker face Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) as a statue of Late Digvijay Singh, former Union Minister from Bihar.

Diggy Chacha was addressing one press conference where he was pulling up team Anna for Rs80Lakh scam, suggested by Kapil Maharaj's shishya, Swami Agnivesh.

"Agnivesh's statement that funds collected for the Jan Lokpal Bill agitation was diverted to a private NGO of Arvind Kejriwal with which no member of the Team Anna is associated is a serious allegation and should be looked into," he said.

However, after completing his answers he stand for a while showing his hand (Congress Hand) to reporters for a while when Bihar Police came on a special information. They went to arranger of the conference and asked him that the person which lifted hand is an actual human being or a statue. However, after they didn't get a proper reply they came to desk and lifted Diggy Chacha as it is to take him to village Nayagaon in Bihar's Jamui ditrict.
Diggy Chacha was shocked of all this saga and remained expressionless and couldn't gave any immediate reaction. However, one show arranger understood the situation and told Police Inspector that this is real Diggyji and he is live. Though, he looks like statue he is not one.

After an enquiry, Police Inspector asked Constables to put the entire body on the floor. Diggy Chacha was still shocked and remained in a same motion. Therefore, Police Inspector again checked all the facts and then went away.

After recovery from this shock, Diggy Chacha said "This was a real conspiracy to defame me by RSS and Team Anna. Team Anna had used Rs80Lakhs to ask Police Inspector to take me as a statue."

In another news, bronze statue of former Union minister, late Digvijay Singh which went missing, was recovered on Sunday by police from a pond in his native village Nayagaon in Bihar's Jamui ditrict.

Police said the suspected miscreants had taken away the bronze statue valued at Rs6lakh late last night.

Police apologized Diggy Chacha for inconvenience. Police Inspector said "We held Diggyji as a statue of Late Digvijay Singh due to misinformation. However, we had no doubt that Diggyji was the statue till the program arrangers confirmed his identity as his looks were resembling to the statue looks and even looks of Digvijay Singhji."

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