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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

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Is Swami Agnivesh lost brother of Diggy Chacha?

Who is real Diggy Chacha and Swamiji?

DCFC reporter came to know a shocking truth from sources about Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) and Swami Agnivesh (Swamiji). DCFC reporter is going to disclose the entire truth to its readers. See above picture: Who is real Diggy Chacha and Swamiji?

"2 months back only Diggyji's Chachi met great saint Swamiji and disclosed the truth to him which not only opened his eyes but also helped him to realise that he should also help Diggyji's in his pure service to Congress and Madamji," said a closed associate with Diggyji requesting annonymity.

"Consistent rivalry between Diggyji and Swamiji made him depressed and she could not hid the truth and told both of them that they were lost brothers in Kumbh mela," said the associate. "Diggyji was happy as he came to know why his face resembles to Swamji," he added. 

"Chachi told Swamiji that he was elder brother to Diggyji and should help him in fighting for good against evil. Chachi firmly told Swamiji that he should not take the similar stand that Karna took in Mahabharata. She also stressed on the point that they should work together and stay together," the associate added.

He said that both the brothers looked with wet eyes towards each other. Tears were consistently dropping and both of them furied over Chachi for late comment. Diggyji said that he was really embarassed as he told media that Swamiji was RSS man. He felt really sad by puting his brother into a terrorist organisation.

"Yea Diggy I am sorry that I told you know. But you know that everything should be followed with a process and as like government it took some time to finish the entire process of disclosing Agnu as your brother," Chachi said.
"Swamiji looked into Diggyji's eyes and said Diggu I didn't know that you were my brother, oh (hug) now I will help you and Madamji to come out of this mess and will fight against Duryodhana like Anna and I assure you that Mahabharata's history will not repeat. Chachi was the only eye witness of this entire saga," the associate said.

(Fake News by DCFC Reporter)

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