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Thursday, 8 September 2011

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Rahul Baba’s dilemma, Bomb blasts and Mayawati

"Chacha why didn't you tell me that what should I talk to the crowd of common-men in front of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. They said they will not accept me as prime minister. Chacha common man was my strong point," a voice roared, Rahul Baba blasted on his beloved guru Diggy Chacha.

"Do you know the how much the crowd was abusive? Even I could not cover my ears in front of them. Last time also you did not give me the speech therefore I made a b..s..t statement that 99% terror attack have been resolved and now 1% is remaining, now I have to face ire because of that also. I will tell Mummy about all these things, as it is she is going to arrive today only," Baba said angrily with red eyes.

"Do you know what crowd said about me? They said "Rahul Gandhi Wapas Jao" (Go back Rahul Gandhi), "Rahul Gandhi kayar hai" (Rahul Gandhi is a coward) as he went into the hospital to meet blast victims. "Rahul Gandhi sharam karo, aatankwaad pe rajneeti mat karo (Rahul Gandhi show some shame, don't play politics on terrorism)." Now tell me where can I go and how can I fight with terrorists directly, they are so huge and really cold-blooded. I saw them in the movies." Rahul baba said with few tears in his eyes.

Diggy Chacha said in calm voice "Relax Rahul baba relax… there is nothing to maintain to Madamji. I will take care. I will write some speech for you. Now you only focus on just one work remove Maya from UP."
"No Chacha, I don't want to work against Mayawati. I scared of her," Rahul Baba said while eating his Kellog's Choco Flakes with a big spoon. Chacha asked "Why Baba what happened why do you scare of her? She is not Anna Hazare. Ha if you tell me Anna… then I also scared of him. I get all the nightmares that I am in mental asylum. I really feel that the government will consider his that proposal as well to admit me in mental hospital. But Mayawati does not make that kind of statements."

"No Chacha, recently from authentic sources (Baba didn't know that all Indians know about it) I got information that she sent an empty private jet to Mumbai to buy a pair sandals. I am afraid that she will throw it on me or beat me with those sandals," Baba said Chacha.

"Arey Baba aap bhi n… Behenji ko to aadat hai chappals kharidne ki. Don't worry of this elephant, she is as obsessed of make-up and looks as elephant is and this sandal is a part of that obsession. It is not going to use against you and regarding blast I will arrange the emergency meeting of all spokespersons of Congress as how to tackle the problem," Diggy Chacha said.

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