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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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Diggy Chacha advises Rahul Baba wearing Gandhi topi

DCFC reporter understood from some known sources that the most intelligent person in the universe, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) advised Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Baba) to wear Gandhi topi with quotes "I am Rahul Baba - a youth icon" and "I am Rahul Baba - India's future prime minister."

A source familiar to the development said "Rahul Baba is already a youth icon plus he is spreading Congress to aam aadmi very rapidly. He already covered almost all the North Indian states in his expansion plans for Congress now he is planning for eastern states of India." He added "Diggyji's plea is related to all these developments only. He feels that wearing lakhs of young people in India will show how much support Rahul Baba is getting as a future prime minister and a youth icon. He plans to distribute these topis freely to all Indians."
The source also told us that they approached great vampirish look celebrity Simi aunty to wear the cap with quotation "I am Rahul Baba - a youth icon". However, she had some different idea and she also wanted to promote her show. Therefore, she told us to write a quote "I am Rahul Baba - India's most desirable", which Diggyji welcomed.

When DCFC reporter asked the source about the idea behind all these things he said "Many Indians showed their support to Anna Hazare by wearing most precious Gandhian cap. However, Diggyji thought the most useful head for whom the cap could have been wore was Rahul Baba's."

Finally, he told that to promote the entire campaign they selected few and beautiful young female celebrities which also wore those topis in Anna Hazare campaign. We provided some snaps of those celebrities.

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