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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

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Third attack on Sushma Aunty

Today DCFC's morning edition is only devoted to intelligence of Diggy Chacha. We have covered few stories on his intelligence, his communication skills, his understanding of subject, his strategies and his eagerness to make Congress as the international party. We salute all these things.

We have covered Diggy-65 (Congress' most successful weapon), a gun that attacked on many fronts but is still unscathed. First two attacks came on Anna Hazare, RSS and Arvind Kejriwal. Third attack was on Sushma Swaraj (famous for her dance skills, Sushma aunty).  

Diggy Chacha said "We have been saying from the beginning. Sushma Swaraj has business relations with them (Reddys). Venkaiah Naidu has business relations with them. This is what we said from the beginning," Singh told reporters in Jammu a day former Karnataka minister Janardhana Reddy was arrested by the CBI in connection with the mining scam.

When DCFC reporter enquired as to how Diggy Chacha received the information, one closed associate said "All credit goes to his private intelligence bureau which took out information. His advisory council prepared a speech and gave it to him."

"They (Reddys) were virtually running an unchallenged empire there. What happened today, should have happened three years ago," Chacha said.

He was replying to questions about the arrest of Reddy and his brother-in-law and Managing Director of Obalapuram Mining Company B V Srinivas Reddy under Prevention of Corruption Act by the CBI after searches at their premises allegedly led to seizure of over 30 kg of gold and more than Rs4.5Cr in cash.
In Delhi, Sushma aunty struck a combative tone asking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to appoint Digvijay to investigate the matter.

Denying any relations with the mining barons either in the past or at present, aunty said, "I welcome this statement of Digvijay Singh and I want that this probe should definitely be done so that the truth comes out as only when the truth comes out will I get justice."

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